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Relentless II
Berth: 8
Cabins: 4
 , 24.38 m
Berth: 8
Cabins: 4
 , 24.3 m
Mariah Princess III
Berth: 8
Cabins: 4
 , 23.46 m
Fantastic Too
Berth: 11
Cabins: 5
 , 24 m
Justified Horizons
Berth: 10
Cabins: 5
 , 19.81 m
Berth: 12
Cabins: 5
 , 31.09 m
C’est La Vie
Berth: 6
Cabins: 3
 , 20.4 m
Sea Glass
Berth: 8
Cabins: 4
 , 22.55 m
My Ty
Berth: 10
Cabins: 5
 , 20.42 m
Berth: 8
Cabins: 4
 , 28.95 m
Berth: 8
Cabins: 4
 , 19.81 m
Berth: 8
Cabins: 4
 , 20.42 m

Crewed, skippered or bareboat catamaran charter

Catamaran charter is a great way of exploring the sailing destinations in different parts of the world. You can choose between sailing catamarans and motor catamarans, as well as between chartering a catamaran bareboat, with a skipper or with a crew. Catamarans allow guests to see different places at their own pace. They also provide a great platform for family time or friends time together as they have wide and spacious cockpits, decks and interiors.

Crewed catamaran charter

Crewed catamaran charters are very popular in the Caribbean and are becoming more and more popular in the Mediterranean. Crewed catamarans mostly come with permanent crews, one of whom doubles as a chef. Crews are expert in the areas they sail and they make perfect hosts and great guides for guests. They will help tailor the charter to match guests’ expectations, but always thinking what they might add to make their crewed catamaran charter experience extra special.

Skippered catamaran charter

A skippered catamaran charter is an ideal experience for those who are looking for a sailing holiday where they can also be hands-on with sailing and preparing their own meals, but want to have a captain on board because they might not be able to sail the catamaran alone. They might also need some help in an area they are not familiar with. Alternatively, their idea of a great catamaran charter might be to have a skipper who will look after all aspects of sailing and mooring the boat and who will provide the best sailing routes possible, leaving them just to relax and enjoy the experience.

Bareboat catamaran charter

A bareboat catamaran charter is for sailors who have the right sailing licence and a VHF radio licence for the area they are chartering in. This type of catamaran charter will allow guests to explore the area at their own pace, with families and/or friends. A bareboat catamaran charter is a wonderful way of spending quality time with people you want to be with while at the same time enjoying catamaran sailing, visiting new destinations and doing different activities together.

Crewed vs Bareboat Catamaran Charter

A bareboat catamaran charter is not only simply for guests who can drive the boat and handle the sailing aspect of it. It is also for guests who need/want their privacy, want to spend quality time with their families, friends or other like-minded people. It is for people who love the adventure side of chartering a bareboat catamaran. The crewed charter too offers opportunities for great adventure, but it is more of a guided experience, where a certain load of activities is done by the crew: provisioning, route planning, cleaning, cooking, even sailing. The crewed catamaran charter offers the ultimate relaxing experience with a private guide, host and a chef.

Catamaran Charter Destinations

Charter catamaran Croatia

Croatia is a great destination for chartering a catamaran. All along the Croatian coast there are many islands, mostly very close to each other. This means the area is well sheltered and it offers a great combination of charming ports and beautiful anchorages. Chartering a catamaran in Croatia provides a great platform for exploring the Croatian Adriatic. The best time for chartering in Croatia is between May and late October. July and August tend to be the busiest months. This is also when Croatia is at its hottest and the sea at its warmest.

Yacht charter in Croatia catamaran Marla

Charter catamaran Greece

Greece is a very well developed catamaran charter destination. Catamarans can be chartered in different areas of the country. The Ionian islands are popular between May and early November. The Saronic gulf too is popular from early May until early November. The Cyclades cover a large area and are in many ways the most popular catamaran charter destination. However, from mid-July to late-August, it can get extremely windy at which time the catamarans will choose to visit the Saronic Gulf. The Dodecanese islands have a slightly longer charter catamaran season, from late-April to mid-November.

luxury sailing catamaran lagoon 620 Grace charter Greece

Charter catamaran Spain

In Spain, the Balearic islands are the most popular catamaran charter destination. Catamarans can be chartered out of Ibiza to sail the south side of Ibiza and Formentera. Charter catamarans for Palma de Mallorca are very popular, too. The charter season starts early May and ends in October.

Charter catamaran Turkey

Turkey is a relatively new destination for the charter catamarans. The most popular sailing areas in Turkey are around Bodrum, Marmaris and Gocek. Although the area does not have many islands, there are a lot of beautiful bays and some come with incredible historical remains. Turkey offers a great number of the most beautiful anchorages and catamarans are a perfect platform to enjoy those.

Charter catamaran Italy

In Italy, the most popular catamaran charter destinations are Sicily, the Amalfi coast and Sardinia. For each area we recommend at least a week long charter in order to experience the scenery, relaxing bays, beautiful ports and exceptionally good cuisine. The yacht charter season typically starts early May and ends in October.

Charter catamaran Amalfi coast

The Amalfi costs is the busiest for yacht charters in July and August. For those looking for less busy catamaran charter period in this area, we recommend chartering a yacht in May, June or September. Charters will typically start from Naples, but other ports of embarkation/disembarkation can be organised too, such as Positano, Amalfi and Sorento. This area is particularly popular with foodies.

Charter Catamaran Sicily and Aeolian Islands

Sicily has the longest yacht charter season and late September and even October are a beautiful time of the year to sail the area. Most catamaran charters start from Milazzo, Portorosa or Palermo. The most popular sailing area around Sicily is the Aeolian islands. We highly recommend spending few more days on land, before or after the yacht charter to explore the incredible history of this island.

Charter catamaran Sardinia and Corsica

Sardinia offers two main yacht charter sailing destinations: Costa Esmeralda in the north, and in the south of the island, starting from Cagliari. The area around Cagliari is quieter, mostly off-the-beaten track. Costa Esmeralda is, on the other hand, one of the most popular sailing areas of the Mediterranean. With Porto Cervo in the centre of it, Costa Esmeralda is also home to some of the best known luxury-yacht races as well as an important super yacht ground. North Sardinia is very close to Corsica which makes it easy to combine places such as Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio, Rondinara, to name the few, into the yacht charter itinerary.

Charter catamaran Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful sailing grounds in the world, an ideal yacht charters destination. Think: beautiful soft sandy beaches, warm temperatures, the sea the most incredible shades of turquoise, greens and blues, colourful marine life … The pace is slow and allows one to take in all the beauty. The islands come each with a unique setting, their own story and culture, different languages, wonderful music, interesting history. The diving is spectacular and kitesurfing is more and more popular. There is so much to explore, both on land and on the sea.

Amongst the crewed yacht charters organised in the Caribbean, crewed catamaran charters are by far the most popular. This type of charter is particularly popular in the British Virgin Islands, US Virgin islands, in the Grenadines and, to some extent, in the Bahamas, too. A crewed catamaran charter offers a tailor-made holiday on a spacious boat operated by a permanent crew, experts in the area. Those catamarans are full of character, decorated like a home by their owners. They offer a perfect way for exploring the Caribbean islands in full comfort and with great service.

Caribbean yacht charter Altesse

Charter catamaran BVI

The British Virgin Islands, with their perfect climate, sandy beaches and relaxed vibe, are one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the world. The islands are picturesque, welcoming and offer a great combination of the authentically Caribbean and modern chic. Most of the crewed catamaran charters are based in the BVI. The charter season starts in November and ends late June.

Charter catamaran French Polinesia

French Polinesia, with its 118 islands forming numerous archipelagos, offers one of the most beautiful catamaran charter destinations. The large islands and surrounding atolls provide extensive and beautiful anchorages in clear turquoise waters. French Polynesia provides a stunning natural back drop for sailing. It is one of the best places to go snorkelling and diving in the world, with a hugely varied sea life.

On shore there are tours of the islands and a variety of destinations to visit, including archeological sites and pearl farms. Cars and e-bikes are easy to rent, or you can hike. To relax there are many great restaurants and bars on shore offering exquisite French Polynesian cuisine.

Chartering a catamaran with High Point Yachting

At High Point Yachting, we have access to a large number of catamarans around the world. We regularly visit those areas to ensure the catamarans are up to the standard that we want for our clients. We also like to meet the crews who welcome our guests. With them, we plan yacht charters for our clients. Our networks within the industry and in local communities are great and we keep on expanding them.

Catamaran builders

Lagoon catamarans

Lagoon catamarans are well known around the world as the Lagoon company is the largest catamaran producer on the market. Lagoon is based in France and they have produced sailing and power catamarans from 37 ft up to 78 ft.

Fountaine Pajot

Fountain Pajot, a French shipyard, has been operating since 1976 and has reached a very good reputation for their sailing and power catamarans. They have produced catamarans from 26 ft up to 80 ft, both for private owners and for yacht charters. The popularity of the Fountaine Pajot catamarans has increased significantly in the yacht charter industry.

Bali catamarans

Fairly new on the market, Bali catamarans, produced by the French shipyard Catana, have become very popular in the last few years. Bali catamarans offer a very modern and specious design, with the innovative technology  and a lot of comfort.

Sunreef catamarans

Established 20 years ago in Poland, Sunreef specialises in the production of luxury catamarans. Their very innovative and well thought designs are one of a kind. Each catamaran is custom made and therefore very unique. Until today, around 140 Sunreef sailing and power catamarans have been produced and are cruising the seas, worldwide. On the charter market those catamarans come at the higher charter rate.