Island of Kythnos, Cyclades, Greece

Catamaran charter Cyclades

Catamaran charter Cyclades

Cyclades Islands, Greece 

Greece in the summertime conjures a certain image: white churches with boldly coloured domes, glittering beaches with waters of immaculate blue, and charming seaside tavernas serving chilled ouzo alongside freshly grilled octopus. Most visitors flock to the popular shores of Mykonos and Santorini in the summer months. However, if you venture just a bit further you’ll discover a smattering of smaller, more quaint islands in the southern Cyclades.  They all possess the same charming Cycladic appeal as their mainstay neighbours, but without the teeming crowds. The many islands making up the Cyclades offer many options for routes and your broker will assist in ensuring you visit the ones most suited to you. 

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Catamaran charter in the Cyclades overview

When chartering in the Cyclades islands, the vast majority of catamaran charters embark and disembark in Athens or in Lavrion (just south from Athens and closer to the Athens airport). Athens, beckons visitors with its unparalleled historical significance, and the Acropolis and the Parthenon offer a glimpse of ancient Greek glory still. Beyond its rich history, Athens pulsates with a vibrant contemporary energy, with busy markets, world-class museums, and a thriving culinary scene, making it a must-visit. We strongly suggest allowing a couple of days to explore this diverse city either before or after your catamaran charter. If you embark in Lavrion, you will be one and a half hour’s sailing time closer to the Cyclades than if you start out from Athens. 

It is here in the Cyclades that you would have the largest choice of catamarans to choose between, for the entire season. The range of sizes, makes and models will enable you to choose the ideal catamaran and layout for you. The best time to charter in the Cyclades islands is in the months of June or September. This is because come July and August, the Cyclades islands can experience very strong winds called the Meltemi winds. These strong winds can result in charters having to change their routes to avoid unsafe sailing conditions and can even lead to yachts having to stay in harbour. Our advice is that those looking to charter in the months of July or August should consider alternative sailing destinations in Greece. 

Top Cyclades attractions when on a catamaran charter

  • Visit the National Archaeological Museum in Athens: The National Archaeological Museum, has the largest collection of ancient Greek artefacts in the entire country. See the countries most prized artefacts and learn about the rich history of Greece. 
  • Hike Kea’s 35km of paths: For the adventurous visitor, Kea is a walker’s paradise with 36km of walking paths. 65% of these paths are stone paved paths taking you through dense forests out to isolated beaches.
  • Take a dip in the hot springs in Kythnos: The thermal springs are located in the village of Loutra that owes its existence to the springs. Two hot springs can be found there: Agioi Anargyroi, which is located indoors in the area of the spa, and the outdoor spring of Kakavos.
  • Visit Church Paraportiani on Mykonos: Church Paraportiani is a well-known unique architectural complex of five chapels. This Mykonos icon is located at Chora and is worth a visit when not exploring the islands bustling towns and nightlife. 
  • Stroll around Santorini: Famous for its beautiful, blue-domed churches, stunning sunsets, and picturesque cliffside villages like Oia and Fira. Don’t miss exploring the archaeological site of Akrotiri and relaxing on the black sand beaches.
  • Taste the delights of Paros: No trip to Paros would be complete without trying some of Paros’s famous cheeses, and wonderful wines (labelled PDO=Protected Designation of Origin). If your visit coincides with the grape harvest, visitors can join in crushing of grapes while also involving themselves in the accompanying festivities.
  • Visit Polyaigos bays and beaches: Polyaigos is a natural, mainly undisturbed island that offers a host of beautiful bays and beaches. The most famous beaches are located in the bays of Kato and Ano Mersini. One of them is the “Blue Bay” beach which looks a little like an amphitheatre with white rocks around the sea and with deep water, the most mesmerising shade of blue.
  • Visit the Catacombs of Milos: They are considered to be the most important early Christian monument of worship and burial site in all of Greece. Over 2000 Christians were buried in the catacombs. This is a must see when visiting.
  • Visit Chora on Serifos: A visit to the town of Chora is highly recommended. This town has been built onto a rocky hill and can be seen from the docks. There are two parts to this town: Pano (meaning upper) Chora and Kato (meaning lower) both connected by a stairway. You’ll find some bars, cafés and taverns in the town’s narrow streets. 

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