HPYF 2022 Catamaran Caribbean fleet at Saba rock

Catamaran charter regattas

Catamaran charter regattas

Steering Excitement: Catamaran Charter Regattas in the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands (BVI), with their stunning aquamarine waters and consistent trade winds, present the perfect backdrop for the ultimate sailing adventure – catamaran charter regattas. High Point Yachting is specialized in organizing catamaran races, we offer a thrilling blend of competitive sailing and luxury cruising in one of the world’s most beautiful nautical arenas.

A haven for sailors, the British Virgin Isles’ myriad of islands and cays provide a challenging yet delightful playground for seasoned and new sailors alike. The proximity of the islands allows for varied race courses, ensuring each regatta is a true test of skill and resilience.

The Appeal of Catamaran Regattas

Our regattas are celebrations of nautical prowess and oceanic passion. Racing on a group of equal or similar catamarans brings together the thrill of the race with the luxury that these yachts are known for. Racers can anticipate capacious decks, superior stability, and plenty of fun.

We have organised numerous regattas for both experts and novices. Each regatta is thoughtfully orchestrated, ensuring competitive yet safe and enjoyable racing, accompanied by convivial social gatherings.

The High Point Yachting Festivals, set in the picturesque British Virgin Islands, are exceptional catamaran regatta events that combine competitive sailing with cultural festivities. The small yet diverse group of participants, spanning various nationalities and sailing expertise, contributes to a warm and convivial atmosphere. The event features a mix of experienced sailors and novices, including a first-time skipper. A highlight is the spirited Salsa and Bachata dancing, enriching the sailing experience. Culinary skills are on display during the Gourmet night, with one team earning accolades for their sumptuous three-course meal. The sailing competition will have close contests, with the top three spots taken by most skilled teams. The gathering exemplifies the joy of sailing camaraderie and celebration​.

A Regatta for Everyone

Whether you’re looking to charter a catamaran with an experienced crew or participate with your own team, we have a category for you. We offer bareboat charters for those who wish to race independently, as well as crewed options for those who desire a guided experience with a professional skipper and crew.

Beyond the Race

But it’s not all about the racing. Onshore, participants can enjoy Caribbean hospitality with beach BBQs, live music, and award ceremonies. Our regattas are as much a social event as a sporting one, with plenty of opportunities to mingle with fellow sailing enthusiasts and make lifelong friends.

Corporate and Team Building Regattas

We also specialize in corporate regattas, providing a unique setting for team building and client entertainment. These events are tailored to promote teamwork and leadership skills, all while enjoying the stunning vistas and excitement of the race.

Sustainability and Preservation

As stewards of the sea, we’re committed to sustainable racing practices. We work closely with local communities and environmental groups to ensure our events are eco-friendly and contribute to the preservation of the BVI’s natural beauty.

Join Us in the BVI

Whether you’re an experienced sailor looking to test your skills, or a company in search of an unforgettable team-building experience, our catamaran charter regattas in the British Virgin Islands offer the perfect combination of competition, luxury, and adventure.

Set sail with us and experience the thrill of the race, the joy of camaraderie, and the unparalleled beauty of the Caribbean. Contact us to charter your catamaran and join the next regatta for an adventure that sails beyond the horizon.

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