Amenities on board catamaran

Amenities on board catamaran

A crewed catamaran is a popular yacht to charter for many reasons, one of them being that they offer guests a whole host of amenities to enjoy while aboard. These amenities range from technical equipment to water toys and are designed to provide guests with comfort and convivence. Here are some common amenities found on a crewed catamaran.

Spacious living areas

Catamarans typically have multiple cabins for sleeping, often with comfortable sized beds, storage space, and in most cases en-suite bathrooms. These cabins are often similar in size, however this will vary depending on the exact make and model of catamaran you are chartering. Some catamarans will offer a Master Suite which can be considerably larger than other cabins on board. 

Catamarans offer one large open plan living space with a seating and dining area and a galley kitchen. This one area means that the entire group is able to spend valuable time together as well as being ideal for families who need to keep an eye on young children.  The galley kitchen, run by the chef or hostess, is well-equipped with amenities such as a stove, oven, refrigerator, sink, and ample storage for food and cooking supplies. These fully functioning kitchens mean that your chef will be able to create variety of delicious meals for you and your guests to enjoy.  

The outdoor area of catamarans is very spacious too. There is a flybridge area that significantly varies in size depending on the size of catamaran. A foredeck is sometimes the trampoline area, characteristic of catamarans like the Lagoon and a different type of lounging area on others, such as Bali catamarans. The aft deck often comes with outside dining and seating areas, providing plenty of space for lounging, sunbathing, and enjoying the views. Some catamarans may have on board BBQs that provide a fun alternative to an evening meal.

Leisure equipment

Catamarans will come with a selection of leisure equipment, for the boat, on the land and in the water. These will range in type, size and numbers from catamaran to catamaran, but the vast majority will have a selection of board games, books, movies and possibly even games consoles to enjoy whilst on board a catamaran.  Due to storage constraints, generally speaking, the larger the catamaran the more leisure equipment it will have available. 

Many catamarans come equipped with water sports such as snorkelling equipment, kayaks, paddleboards, floating mats, water skis, wakeboards and sometimes even small inflatable sail boats. Rarer are seabobs and e-foil boards that take water sports to the next level. Some catamaran offer kiteboarding and even have professional kiteboarding instructors on board. Oter catamarans are offer diving and might have diving instructors on board. Those type of charters are particularly popular in the Caribbean and in French Polynesia. 

If there is a specific water toy you have in mind which is not listed on your catamaran’s water toy list, in most cases, these can be sourced and rented for a week. Additionally, for keen fishermen and women many yachts will have fishing equipment. Please be aware than in some locations, Croatia for example, one must have a fishing permit to catch fish. These can easily be obtained prior to your charter for a small cost.  

When on land, your catamaran will also have leisure equipment for you to enjoy. These may include beach games such as bats and balls or Frisbees. Some yachts may have their own fold away bikes or electric bikes and scooters. 

Finally, some catamarans will have camera equipment on board for guests to use. This may include under water cameras and video cameras or an on board drone. With the help of the crew, use these brilliant pieces of technology to help capture your memories on board. 

Luxury on board Jacuzzi 

Deck Jacuzzis can be found on larger catamarans. This little piece of luxury can be found most commonly on the foredeck but sometimes is situated on the flybridge. 

Entertainment systems 

Crewed catamarans are well equipped with entertainment systems for guests to enjoy. These can include TVs (in both the saloon as well as cabins), sound systems, and wifi. The exact specification of systems varies, with more modern catamarans boasting state of the art built in systems such as BOSE sound systems compared to older catamarans having plug in USB connections. All catamarans will offer some level of wireless internet connection however the strength of connection always varies depending on your location and distance from land. 

A few select catamarans are able to offer guests a truly memorable experience of an outdoor cinema under the stars. These outdoor cinemas use a projector and screen and, with the help of tasty movie snacks, bring a whole new experience to a night under the stars. 

Deck and safety equipment 

Catamarans come with various deck equipment such as winches, cleats, and lines for sailing and anchoring. These various types of equipment, along with the shallow draft of a catamaran, mean that a catamaran can anchor up in areas other yacht types often can’t. Easy access, via ladders, makes getting into the water easy for guests of all ages. Essential safety equipment like life jackets, life rafts, fire extinguishers, and navigation aids are standard on board. It is also worth noting that catamarans can have additional safety equipment fitted to make them safer for children, such as safety nets. 

Power Generation

Catamarans often have onboard generators or alternative energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines to provide electricity for the various amenities on board. Some catamarans may have both a generator and also solar panels so that they are not reliant on either. This allows charters to spend more time in anchorages and quieter areas, far from the crowds. It also allows them to cover longer passages comfortably. 

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