Children-friendly activities on a catamaran charter

A family friendly catamaran charter is an ideal holiday for those looking to spend time together as a family.  The flexibility of route, private space and endless activities mean that a crewed catamaran charter is the ideal family friendly option. Whilst on board there are endless activities to keep the entire family entertained. Child friendly activities on a catamaran charter can turn a family vacation into an unforgettable adventure. Here are our top 10 activities for children to do on a catamaran yacht charter. 

Water Sports

Being on a family friendly catamaran charter offers ample opportunities to get into the water and have fun as a family. The selection of water toys available varies depending on each catamaran however most will be equipped with snorkelling gear, paddle boards and inflatables. These are the perfect family friendly activities for children to enjoy in the shallower waters that a crewed catamaran can easily reach. The crew will happily guide you to the best spots to be enjoyed.  The larger catamaran charters, due to larger storage space, will be able to provide a wider selection of toys such as kayaks, water skis and boards, sea bobs and sea scooters. Having a wider selection of exciting toys are a perfect way, especially for older children, to get the kids off the yacht and into the water creating memories to last a lifetime.

It should be noted that even though children can enjoy many these water sports without adult assistance, children should always be supervised by an adult to ensure their safety. Yachts will provide safety equipment, such as life jackets, and guidance as to how to use the equipment safely. 

For families who are in search of specific water sport charters, such as kite surfing catamaran charters, we are able to pair you up with the perfect yacht that can cater for your sporty families. For families with prior experience of kite surfing, we can advise you of the ideal kite surfing destinations and even pair you up with local instructors. There truly is no better feeling than the wind in your face as you fly above the waves. Let us help the entire family experience this.

Wildlife Watching 

Being on your own crewed catamaran allows the whole family to see nature from an entirely different vantage point. What better family friendly activity than spending time spotting the wildlife and learning about it. Depending on the location of your crewed catamaran charter, you may have dolphins riding the waves next to your catamaran, snorkel amongst coral reefs or even swim with turtles, sharks or manta rays. Don’t forget to bring along your nature guide books and binoculars so that you can keep a track of what you have managed to spot.  Many crewed catamarans will have underwater cameras available for budding young photographers to capture these wonderful sights.

Some select few crew members are incredibly passionate about marine wildlife and hold qualifications in nature conservation before their time becoming crew members. For many of them, the draw to become crew was to be surrounded by their favourite place on earth: the ocean. If you would like your own personal nature guide, let us know and we can find you such a crew.

Manta rays

Movie Nights

After a fun packed day at sea, there is nothing better than snuggling down with the entire family to enjoy watching a movie. Watching a movie on a crewed yacht charter is however even more special, as the entire family will head to the front of the yacht and watch a movie under the stars. Tuck into freshly prepared snacks made by your host or chef and cosy up ready to soak up time together. 

If you know of any family favourite movies, please let your crew know prior to embarkation and they will endeavour to ensure that film is ready and waiting for you. 

Movie nights on catamarans
Movie nights on catamarans

Learning to sail

Whilst on your family friendly crewed yacht charter, take the chance to encourage older children to learn the basics of sailing techniques. Learn to tie knots, steer and help with the sails. With the crews help, let older children have experience the thrill of controlling a yacht. It may be that the one week on your family friendly crewed catamaran sparks a passion for a new sport which can last a life time.

Learning to sail on catamarans

Educational Activities 

Whilst a crewed catamaran charter is ultimately a marvellous vacation, there are still plenty of educational activities available on board to keep your child learning whilst away from the classroom. Bring the curriculum to life by seeing it first hand. For example, look at the water cycle and life cycles of the marine nature around you, study geographical similarities and difference between your own culture and those that you visit or why not even learn a new recipe with the help of your chef or hostess. The learning opportunities are endless.

Learning languages

Make the most of your catamaran charter and the wonderful destinations you will be exploring by learning some of the countries language. Learning how to communicate with locals is a wonderful child friendly activity that the whole family can continue to practice at home.

Your crew will be more than happy to help children learn the ropes. Why not return the lessons and your child can teach the crew some of their home language.

Themed nights 

One of our favourite, all inclusive child friendly activities for a catamaran yacht charter are themed nights. These are especially popular in the Caribbean , where the crews really go all out to decorate the boat, prepare meals and provide a dress code around a theme. These themes can be anything from Pirate Night to ABBA to a Murder Mystery. Themed nights are perfect for the entire family from infants to young adults- who doesn’t like to dress up? If there are any specific themes that would suit your party, then let your crew know prior to embarkation so that they can prepare.

Beach Combing 

Children love a treasure hunt and beach combing is just that! Go ashore and see what your little ones can discover from washed up fossils to coral. Beach combing is a wonderful activity for the entire family to enjoy. Why not take it one step further and create a scavenger hunt list and see if the kids can find something beginning with every letter of the alphabet or something that is every colour of the rainbow… there are plenty of fun to be found!

For the eco-conscious travellers why not Beach Combe with a focus on litter picking. Instead of collecting shells, glass etc comb the beach for washed up rubbish and objects. Make your visit a positive one, not just for your family but for the environment too.


On the vast majority of crewed catamaran charters fishing equipment is available to be used. Fishing, for beginners or experts, is an enjoyable family friendly activity to capture children attention for hours. Whether children wish to capture and then release the fish or catch the main part of their evening meal, there are plenty of options for all children of all ages.

If there are any fishing enthuses, then let us know and we can ensure that the equipment your child requires is on board.

Please be aware that some locations, such as Croatia, require guests to hold a fishing permit. These are easy to obtain and do not cost a lot, but they have to be organised prior to embarkation to abide by the countries laws.

Star Gazing

One of the calmest, child friendly activities to do on a catamaran charter is star gazing. There is nothing more relaxing about lying out on the deck and star gazing whilst the yacht gently rocks in the warm breeze. Make the most of the low light pollution and teach your children about the constellations and enjoy the clear night skies away from city lights. Do not worry if you yourself do not know the constellations, there are many apps that can show you the constellations above. There is nothing better than learning together.

Here are just our top 10 activities for children to do on a family friendly catamaran charter. The best thing about children is how their imagination can turn the most mundane of activities into something magical. Luckily for you, a family friendly catamaran charter is as far from mundane as you can get, so imagine the fun to be had on board as a child. 

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