Gulet charter

What is a Gulet?

Gulets are typical Turkish wooden boats made out of pine, mahogany or teak. They originated from the working ships of fishermen and sponge divers. They have since been transformed into high-end, luxurious sailing yachts that have a motor as well as sails. A Turkish gulet charter allows you to discover bays and harbours, whilst enjoying the spacious accommodation these boats offer. The number of guests depends on the individual gulet’s size and design, but most will accommodate from 6–12 guests, making them ideal for groups of family and friends. Like most yachts, the majority of gulets are registered for up to 12 guests. However, there are gulets that can take more, mostly up to 16 guests.

When should I charter a gulet?

You can charter Turkish gulets throughout the whole summer season, which begins at the start of May and lasts until the end of October. This applies throughout the Mediterranean. luxury Gulets for charter are mostly present in Turkey and Croatia, but some can be found in Greece, too. Even though the High Season on the Mediterranean is July and August, we would strongly recommend a gulet boat charter in the spring and autumn. Charter rates vary depending on the time of year, with High Season being the most expensive, Low Season the cheapest and Mid Season in between.

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Gulet charter Q&A

Do private gulet charters come fully crewed and with a chef?

Yes they certainly do. Usually, the crew of a luxury gullet charters consists of a captain, chef, steward/stewardess and deck hands. Smaller gulets have: captain, cook and deck hand. Every gulet has a professional cook on board, who will cook according to your preference sheet and using local produce. Dietary requirements will always be catered for to ensure everyone has the best charter possible. Crewed gullet charters are an excellent choice for people who don’t have any sailing experience, or/and for people who simply want to lean back and relax on their sailing holiday, while being fully looked after. The crew will handle the boat, show the guests the best of the area, cook and serve delicious meals, reserve mooring spots, restaurants for meals on shore and help with anything else that you and your guests might need while on board. Being on a private gulet charter is a luxury experience that can easily match a 5* hotel.

Where does the crew sleep on a gulet boat charter?

On a fully crewed Turkish gulet charter, there is separate accommodation for the crew. They have their own crew quarters in the bow section of the boat. The exact location of the crew’s accommodation may vary slightly from boat to boat.

Is a gulet a sailing yacht?

The main difference between a gulet and a sailing yacht is that the gulets are much heavier and they have generally less of a draft than a sailing boat. They are more suitable in the category of motor sailors as they mainly rely on their motor, but some of them can sail with the right wind conditions and the right rigging.

Should I go for a gulet boat charter over a sailing yacht boat charter?

Weather you decide to charter a sailing yacht or a gulet, you will experience what could be a life changing holiday. Both sailing yachts and gulets have their unique advantages. Traveling with a sporty crew, a sailing yacht will give you that extra bit of excitement, of feeling close to the boat, the wind and the sea, particularly while the boat is healing over. Gulets are less sporty and more stable due to their broad beam and tonnage. They also offer a lot more deck and interior space.

Are gulets good for long distance charters?

Due to some gulets having sails and a motor they are generally suitable for long distance sailing or motor sailing. They have a large fuel depot and can take you on a cruise for a week without having to refuel. More and more gulets are becoming self-sufficient also by using water makers for both drinking water and general water use on board.

Are gulets good in rough seas?

Gulets are stable in rough seas, and this is helped by them being large and heavy. The professional captain on board will ensure weather patterns are followed and protected bays will be chosen in the unlikely scenario of bad weather during your cruise. If rough seas are a concern to you, then we can recommend locations with more predictable weather patterns.

What is the average price of a gulet charter?

The cost of a gulet yacht charter can vary a lot and generally depends on the following: the size of the gulet, age of the gulet, the location where it is based, how many crew members there are on board, the period in the year when it is chartered and the length of the charter. The High Season (July and August) is when rates are at their highest.

Are private gulet charters cheaper than private yacht charters?

Turkish Gulets are known for their great value for money due to the size and the quality you get for the charter price. They are generally the cheapest option for a luxury yacht charter.

Is everything included in the price for a gulet charter?

That depends on the type of the charter that a particular Turkish gulet offers. Generally, the charter rate given is for the gulet only. To the listed charter rate, some gulets will add a half-board arrangement and most will also add the APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) which is an estimate for the costs such as: food and drinks provisioning, mooring, anchoring fees and fuel. Suggested APA tends to be between 10% and 30% of the charter price. Most of the time VAT is an additional cost, but sometimes it is already included in the charter rate.  The amount of VAT varies depending on the country you are chartering in. Crew gratuity is at client’s discretion, but it is customary. 10% – 15% of the basic charter rate is the industry standard on the Mediterranean.

Is the VAT included in a private gulet charter?

The Vat is generally added to the listed charter price. The amount of VAT will vary depending on the country you are chartering in.

Where is the best place for a gulet charter in Turkey?

Turkey is the original country for luxury gulet charters, with the first gulet charter taking place in the 1970s. Even though you can charter a gulet anywhere in the Mediterranean, Turkey has the largest choice of gulets available for charter.

Turkey is a stunning country to explore by sea. There are several beautiful points along the coast where you can embark and disembark from a gulet. The main ports for starting a gulet charter are: Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek and Fethiye.

Where is the best place for a gulet charter in Croatia?

Croatia is a great destination for chartering a gulet. All along the Croatian coast there are many islands, mostly very close to each other, which means the area is well sheltered and offers a great combination of charming ports and beautiful anchorages. A gulet charter in Croatia provides a great platform for exploring the Croatian Adriatic. The best time for chartering in Croatia is between May and late October. July and August tend to be the busiest months, and this is also when Croatia is at its hottest and the sea at its warmest. The main starting and ending ports for gulet charters are: Split, Trogir and Dubrovnik.

Where is the best place for a gulet charter in Greece?

Greece is a very well developed yacht charter destination, although there are still not that many gulets in this area. Luxury gulets can be chartered in different areas of Greece. The Ionian islands are popular between May and early November. The Saronic Gulf, too, is popular from early May until early November. The Cyclades cover a large area and are one of the most popular yacht charter destinations. However, from mid-July to late-August, it can get extremely windy in this area, at which point the yachts will choose to visit the Saronic Gulf. The Dodecanese islands have a slightly longer charter season, from late-April to mid-November.

Although Athens is the main starting point for the Saronic Gulf and the Cyclades, it is also possible to start or end yacht charter on one of the islands (particularly if they have an airport). A relocation fee might apply.

In the Dodecanese, starting and ending points would be either Kos or Rhodes. As for the Ionian Islands, the most common starting and ending point is Corfu.

Why charter a luxury gulet with High Point Yachting?

At High Point Yachting, we have access to a large number of gulets around the Mediterranean. We regularly visit those areas to ensure the gulets are up to the standard that we want for our clients and therefore offer the best gulet charters. We also like to meet the crews who will welcome our guests. With them, we plan yacht charters for our clients. Our networks within the industry and in local communities are great and we keep on expanding them. We have been in the industry well over 20 years and we have become experts in what we do.