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Call it a Gold List, the list of Brilliance, most valuable Address Book, Favourite Places … We all have our own travel list, created from our own experiences and including all the magical places that we have visited, places that made us happy, places that hold our most wonderful memories—new and the old places. We want to celebrate them all and want to support all these amazing people who have made those experiences possible for us. Just creating the list made me feel incredibly lucky to be able to have all this in my life. The best part is that there is still a lot to be added to it!

Here are some of the great finds to inspire your travel for the days and years to come:

Travel with High Point Yachting with luxury yacht charters, gullet and regattas sailing - High Point Yachting


There will always be more than one! But approaching magnificent Bonifacio from the sea is one of the most spectacular sights I’ve ever experienced. And revisiting the experience does not diminish that magnificence. As you sail towards the impressive cliffs, you realise that this medieval town is perched, dramatically, right on top of them. The whole town is a lived-in museum with the most wonderful taverns and stories.


If I could have one feast right now, it would be another unforgettable gastronomic experience at the Meneghello Palmizama restaurant, in the Pakleni archipelago. The most beautiful setting in the woods, overlooking the glorious bay and sitting amongst the ever changing modern art collections, colourful, curious and entertaining. Once our lunch there went on for 6 hours … I wanted it to go on forever.


All the sailing holidays we took! But perhaps the most popular one was with catamaran MALA in Croatia. The crew is superb and so welcoming. Sanja is a fantastic chef. We went to remote bays, the children snorkelled, paddle boarded, water skied, laughed and played for hours. And, in the evenings, we all lied in the nets, on cushions, with a cinema screen in front of us, watching films under the stars … magical!

Travel with High Point Yachting with luxury yacht charters, gullet and regattas sailing - High Point Yachting


Sardinia is full of them!! All as beautiful as each other. The turquoise colour is captivating and those places are my vision of paradise.


Fisherman’s bay in the Bay of Fethiye will always be on the top of my list. This place is surrounded with high mountains and the sun’s rays create a wonderful scene. Imagine: small wooden jetty, a little family run restaurant that serves delicious fish right there on the beach. The natural environment there is mesmerising.


What is amazing about sailing is that each trip is so very different. There is an ever-changing scene in front of you to revel in. The most wonderful experience for me. We sailed around southern Sardinia, out of Cagliari last year and experienced the most beautiful combination of great sailing conditions, stunning nature and charming ports. I have to add the food to that list … Sardinian food has been on top of my gourmet list for years.


I’m going to mention two:

Split, my home town, with Diocletian’s Palace is one of the most impressive cities, with a fantastic history and a great vibe. Sip a coffee on the Riva, explore the palace and its impressive architecture and walk up the Marjan hill for the breath-taking views of the town and surrounding islands.

Hotel Petra Segreta in Sardinia. I love coming to this amazing hotel carved in the unusual rocks of Sardinia. The views over La Maddalena archipelago are stunning! People always say there is a great energy about this place, and it’s not a myth!


It has to be Bequia. When I visited BEQUIA in the Grenadines last December, I was completely mesmerised by the serenity of this lovely island. It was the beauty of the place, its genuine and friendly locals, the surrounding area that was so incredibly beautiful. Life in Bequia runs with the clock set to a time when life was slower, sweeter, and a lot less complicated. It has to be experienced…

Travel with High Point Yachting with luxury yacht charters, gullet and regattas sailing - High Point Yachting


Ha! Always a fun question to have. I will travel to Croatia again, to explored the Dalmatian islands that I can never get tired of. Towards the end of the year I am hoping to be back in the British Virgin Islands. A very different scene… constant winds, high temperatures, sandy beaches. This is a paradise for sailors!

Stay safe and enjoy your travel always.

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