This summer Mediterranean destinations will be quieter than many have ever experienced. Normally only war has this kind of effect. And yet, those destinations are open, the restaurants are proudly presenting their delicious specialities, yachts are available, ready with their wonderful crews to welcome guests lucky enough to be able to experience those magnificent coasts in complete solitude. For many it will be as they are experiencing a surprise private viewing of something rare and wonderful.

For people who enjoy quieter, more secluded holidays, this year offers the opportunities to enjoy a more leisurely peak season. Places and people that are normally frantic during that part of the year, will be more relaxed and operating at a slower pace.

And there are so many places! I have listed some of our favourites and I really hope some of you will be able to get to them this summer:

TURKEY is always such an inspiration, whether we are in lively, colourful, magnificent Istanbul or a quiet, remote bay in the Gocek area. The history of the country is fascinating and its beauty breath-taking.

Yacht GETAWAY has an appropriate name. Our client told us:

‘Yes we had a fantastic holiday! Great crew, they were unbelievable… the area was very nice, great water! Very happy to book a holiday for next summer again.

Kind regards


CROATIA offers so many options, particularly in Dalmatia. The islands are so diverse, the food is spectacular, the wine is more and more talked about, the bays are beautiful.

Yacht SAN LIMI we always recommend with so much confidence because we know what kind of experience awaits the guests. The yacht is stylish, spacious, comes with the most fantastic array of water toys and one of the best crews on the Adriatic! Our clients told us that:

‘I would like to express my profound gratitude to you. Thank you for organizing a great vacation for me. I have sailed quite a few times, but this was the best crew I was ever with. Always friendly, competent and smiling…

Thank you again, 

The landscape in north SARDINIA is like nowhere else on the Mediterranean. The rocks resemble sculptures, the sea is turquoise and the beaches have the softest pink sand. Sailing around the La Maddalena archipelago in the summer, has to be experienced! But an on-land experience is what I really wanted to draw your attention to – Hotel Petra Segreta is really something very different. Perched up on the hills above the village of St Pantaleo, this place has spectacular views and a wonderful feel to it. I dined many times in the hotel’s restaurant, Il Fuoco Sacro. Every time I am grateful that my own love of food and wine allows me to enjoy something so gorgeous and delicious.

Travel is powerful, we keep on saying. It opens minds and changes lives. Celebrate the beauty of travel as a force for good, to support and connect.

We will carry on reminding everyone about the world around us, beautiful, intriguing places and all the amazing people, who’ve helped us to find them and experience the world in all its glory.

Remain safe and optimistic. This is a time to celebrate exceptional people and places.