Saint Peter Castle (Bodrum castle) and marina - Bodrum, Turkey
Panoramic view from Gocek Marina with sailboats. Fethiye, Turkey
Wall Bay, Gocek, Turkey


This is an extraordinary part of the world, well worth exploring. Both, the coastline and the inland. Start or end with few days in Istanbul, the country’s Capital. Stand write there, between the East and the West, and enjoy the sight of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
The coast is magnificent, with masses of Greek, Roman and Lycean ruins and clear waters. What awaits for you there is as excellent hospitality and fantastic food!

The weather remains warm until mid autumn, so the charter season is the longest in this part of the Mediterranean.

Turkey is home to gulets, the most beautiful wooden vessels. Those boats are spacious, luxurious and come fully crewed. High Point Yachting has access to many of them. We regularly visit the area and have been working with our partners for many years. Between Gocek, Marmaris and Bodrum, there are several marinas and ports that are home to some of the most beautiful gulets, sailing yachts and motor yacht. Please view some of them here.

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Turkey is incredibly rich in history and you will enjoy whichever route you pick. Perhaps one route that covers the best combination of different areas is: Bodrum – Symi – Gocek. We highly recommend it.

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The history of Bodrum is fascinating and it dates back to 12th century B.C. The city was originally ‘Halicarnassus’, the birthplace to Herodotus, the ‘Father of History’ who lived in the 5th century B.C. The ‘Mausoleum’ of King Mausolus (350 B.C.), one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was in this city too. But the only structure that has survived from the Classical Era is the Amphitheatre. It is one of the oldest theatres in Anatolia with a capacity for 13,000 guests, and is still hosting many shows and concerts for the art lovers of Bodrum.
The ‘Castle of Saint Peter’ is the city’s main landmark. It dates back to the Middle Ages and is very well preserved. ‘The Myndos Gate’ through which Alexander the Great entered Halicarnassus is another place that should not be missed when visiting Turkey.

Knidos Datca


Around 20NM south of Bodrum lies ancient city of Knidos. You can hike down to one of the finest archaeological sites in the region with its spectacular panoramic view over the Aegean. The impressive ruins of this ancient city are scattered around both sides of the bay and they include the circular temple dedicated to Aphrodite.



You will start your day by waking up in a bay with pristine water where you can enjoy a nice morning swim before breakfast. Get used to this as the next couple of days will be just as relaxing. Spend the day sailing, swimming, taking advantage of the water toys onboard, and stopping in different bays for lunch and dinner. The small harbour town of Datca is famous for its fish, honey and almonds. Visitors can enjoy walks along its shoreline streets, filled with cafes and boutiques. The town is also the exit point out of Turkey and into Greece.



Symi is perhaps the most picturesque Greek Island in the region, offering travellers clear bays, wonderful sightseeing, and a magnificent harbour with its beautiful seafront of colourful houses and churches. We recommend spending the earlier part of the day in nearby bays and returning to port at night. Don’t miss a visit to the on the southern part of the island hosting the Monastery of Panoramitis.

Gulf of Hisaronu


Once the custom formalities of returning to Turkey have been completed, we recommend discovering the Gulf of Hisaronu. The Gulf of Hisaronu hosts numerous bays with safe moorings and spectacular landscapes. Spend a leisurely day, swimming and having lunch and dinner at different bays or on board.



Spend another day exploring the Gulf of Hisaronu, visit Loryma and hike up to Loryma Castle (Loryma is an ancient town with the remains of a large fortress dating from 430 BC.) Cruising to the east, you will arrive in Serce, an almost completely land-locked harbour. A narrow entrance pans out dramatically into a fjord-like bay, ideal for swimming and water sports.



Early morning departure to cruise to Ekincik (approx. 4 hour cruise) where you will be picked up by your very own smaller wooden dinghy that will take you along the coast to Iztuzu Beach, home of the Caretta Turtle. From there you will be guided through the marshlands to the ancient city of Kaunos and the town of Dalyan. This could be a day with several on-shore activities – visits to mud baths, natural hot springs, archaeological sightseeing & hiking, swimming in fresh water lakes and exploring the town of Dalyan with its riverside cafes and restaurants. Your dinghy will return you to the yacht just before sunset for dinner and an overnight stay in a bay.
Spend your night moored in quirky My Marina and have a dinner in their restaurant. Their chef has just applied for a Michelin Star!

Gocek islands


Spend a day at leisure, visiting the Gocek bays. Gocek has become very popular in the recent years due to the natural protection it offers to yachts and the establishment of quality bars & restaurants. This is a charming area and the simplicity of the places is what makes it special. There are many bays with mirror-still waters offering the perfect conditions for waterskiing, swimming and snorkelling. Spend the night in a bay or head towards Gocek for a wider choice of restaurants and bars.



Göcek is located on one of the country’s most beautiful stretches of coastline and is an ideal point of embarkation/ disembarkation. But we highly recommend spending a day in this place. The town is bustling with little shops and cafes, the Turkish Baths, and fantastic new hotels (Rixos, D-Marin). Whether you want to eat a simple but delicious kebab at the Kebab Hospital or have the most glamorous dinner at the Q Lounge, the strong positive energy of the place is present everywhere.

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