Kitesurfing in the Caribbean: Exciting & Fun Sport - High Point Yachting
Kitesurfing in the Caribbean: Exciting & Fun Sport - High Point Yachting
The fun of kitesurfing in the Caribbean

We have learned a lot about kitesurfing in the last few years after visiting the Caribbean and talking to expert crews. Kitesurfing is a fascinating and exhilarating sport! I’ve had one recurring dream in my life and that is about me flying … the most incredible dream and feeling ever! Kitesurfing in the Caribbean feels like living that dream.

I recently spoke to several crews, some specialised in kitesurfing. Their boats are fully fitted as a premium, specialty kite board vessel with highly experienced instructors included. Others have specialised in finding the best spots for it and teaming up with local kitesurfing clubs. Some of our clients are almost professionals themselves and all they want is a yacht with great knowledge of the best spots and a wonderful service on board for enjoying the time not spent kitesurfing in the Caribbean. There are many options. 

The Caribbean is an ideal place for that with its constant winds, great waves and amazing turquoise sea.

And the top, stand out places are: the Bahamas, Antigua & Barbuda and Union Island in the Grenadines.

Kitesurfing in the Caribbean Antigua - High Point Yachting


The beaches are beautiful in Antigua and Barbuda. And the sea is full of life there: turtles, stingrays and colourful reef fish. With low lying land, small islands and coral reefs, this archipelago is a heaven for kitesurfers. The catamaran NAMASTE knows the best spots in those glorious turquoise lagoons.

The best period is during the dry season, from December to May. At this time, the winds are steady at 15 – 25 knots.

The options are many and for all levels of experience. On Antigua and its barrier coral reefs, there are completely flat spots on the inside and choppy spots on the outside. Barbadua is truly special, though. Beaches there are secluded and incredibly beautiful, with long sand banks and coral reefs. Kites can be launched from a sandy beach near the yacht or straight off the yacht. This is a true heaven for experienced kite riders and a great chance for a downwind ride. The areas are secluded. Guests can enjoy their own little paradise from Low bay to Palmetto, Coco point and Spanish point.

Kitesurfing in the Caribbean Bahamas Water Sports - High Point Yachting


The Bahamas are truly amazing.

The area is located on the northern edge of the trade winds, which are not as consistent there as they are in the southern Caribbean, but it is a beautiful, exotic and picturesque part of the world with some incredible flatwater spots. 

The best kitesurfing time in the Bahamas is between November and April. This is the time when the north winds blow in from the cold front and this sub-tropical area can be quite cool in this period (the average temperature is in the 70s although it can get down into the 50s). A light wetsuit is recommended.

The Exumas are the most talked of areas for kitesurfing in the Bahamas.

They call Exumas: ‘an untouched kiteboarder’s dream’ … There are 365 islands over 140 miles, full of pristine beaches and sandy bottomed waters. Conditions vary in this area, offering anything from waist deep water for lessons, flat-water, sandbars and waves.

When on a yacht charter guests are able to take an advantage of the endless opportunities in this area: Great Exuma, both the east and the west side, Moriah Harbour (offers shallow, flat water riding) and Emerald Bay.

The brand-new Lagoon Sixty5 Xandros is based there this season. The yacht offers two E-Foiling Surfboards for guests, one for beginners and one for more advanced riders. Captain Mayon can instruct kiteboarding guests, but gear must be rented from a local 3rd party.

Kitesurfing in the Caribbean Union Islands charter activities - High Point Yachting


The best time for kitesurfing in this area is between December and June when the wind blows 90% of the time (around 17 – 24 knots).  Those are steady cross-shore winds.

I have a soft spot for this area! It is stunning and it is an ideal place for nature lovers. The scenery is mesmerising and the sea is full of colourful fishes and gigantic turtles. Yacht STAR OF THE SEA is based locally and is an ideal option for those trips. It will take clients between the islands, to Tobago Cays for snorkelling, to enjoy the views and the best lobster, to the Union Island for some fantastic kitesurfing experience at their own pace. 

With shallow water, Union Island is perfect for any level of kitesurfing and ideal for beginners and freestyling. For advanced kitesurfers, there are also different wave spots for showing off some great manoeuvres. 

This is an ideal spot for kitesurfing when chartering in the Grenadines. And there is a lot to enjoy for the rest of the time too, such as a fantastic golf course in Canouan, exceptional diving and snorkelling in Tobago Cays, fun times in Bequia and Mustique—and a lot more.

Use the power of the winds, the vastness of the sea and the beauty of these extraordinary areas to enjoy one of the most exhilarating water sports that there is. 

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