Gulet Tajna Mora CroatiaGulet Tajna Mora Croatia
Gulet Tajna Mora Croatia
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Gulet Tajna Mora25_Tajna_Mora_aftGulet Tajna Mora25_Tajna_Mora_aft
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Gulet Tajna Mora31_Tajna_Mora_salGulet Tajna Mora31_Tajna_Mora_sal
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Gulet Tajna Mora56_Tajna_Mora_cabin_6Gulet Tajna Mora56_Tajna_Mora_cabin_6
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Yacht charter

Tajna Mora

| 31 m
Tajna Mora
Length: 31 m
Beam: 7.50 m
Draft: 2 m
Built: 2007
Guests: 18  Cabins: 9  Crew: 5 
Cabin configuration
Twin cabin: 5  Double cabin: 4 
Special Offer

TAJNA MORA (The Secret of the Sea) is one of the most popular mini cruisers on the Adriatic. Thanks to the crew on board, this yacht comes with an excellent charter record. Tajna Mora is extremely well maintained, it comes with a great deck space, including a large top deck area that is perfect for lounging and enjoying fantastic views of the area during the cruise. 

Tajna Mora can accommodate up to 18 guests in nine en suite cabins: 

- Four double cabins
- Five twin cabins

Main features

  • Outstanding local crew
  • Spacious top deck area
    High Season (16 June - 25 August): €28,000 + half board + APA
    Mid Season (2 June - 16 June & 25 August- 22 September): €24,000 + half board + APA
    Low Season (Until 2 June & From 22 September): €20,000 + half board + APA

    Weekly charter rates includes:
    Accommodation for a maximum of 18 guests in 9 cabins, the crew of 5 and their expenses, insurance of the vessel and the crew, fuel for 4 h of engine work daily, generator work 24/7, fuel for tender transfers to/from the vessel, and for tender operated watersports, use of recreational equipment (SUP, kayak, snorkelling gear), tourist taxes, Wi-Fi, VAT of 13%.

    Food options:
    - Obligatory Half board: €490 per person per week.
    - Full Board (breakfast, lunch and dinner): €730 per person per week.
    - Extra meal: €50 per person per meal
    Childrens' food: from 0-2 years of age are free of charge, from 2-10 years of age a 50% discount applies and from 10-12 years of age a 30% discount applies.

    Beverage options:
    - All inclusive drinks package: €245 per person per week. This includes Croatian quality wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks, natural and mineral water, coffee.
    - All inclusive soft drinks package: €105 per person per week.
    The beverages options include beverages produced or bottled in Croatia. The charterer is allowed to bring beverages on board regardless of the chosen option. Additional beverages can be supplied on behalf of the charterer at the charterer's request.

    Additional Extras:
    - Mooring fees are an extra cost. It is not obligatory for the yacht to be in the port each night. The yacht can also anchor in many of the safe anchorages in the area.
    - National park and park of Nature entrances
    - Dubrovnik visit fee on Split – Split route: €1,200
    - Delivery Fee for embarkation/disembarkation in any other port except base port, if "empty leg" caused, e.g., one way from Split to/from Dubrovnik: €1,200
    - Extra navigation: €100 per hour
    - Fuel for tender-operated water sports
    - Personal watercraft (Jet ski or Wave runner) - €100 per hour. (Available only to license holders.)
    - One-way trip possible at an extra cost

    Crew Gratuity: Although discretionary, a crew gratuity of 10-15% of the charter fee is customary.

    CYBA/MYBA terms will apply.

    APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance): APA is an estimate (usually around €3000) paid with the balance for covering running costs during the charter (food, drinks, fuel, mooring fees, and anything else that guests might need while on charter). Final accounts will be produced by the Captain at the end of the charter and any unused funds will be refunded in full to the Charterer directly. If the funds are not sufficient, the Captain will advise the Charterer accordingly and bills will be settled upon disembarkation.

    Payment conditions: 50% of the charter rate within 7 days of signing the charter agreement, remaining 50% plus VAT plus APA, at least 5 weeks before the beginning of the charter.

    To operate a WaveRunner in Croatia one needs to have a boat driving permit with him/her when on the Wave Runner. It is forbidden to allow a person to drive a WaveRunner if one doesn't have a license on them. If you do not have a licence, you can ride as a passenger with a licensed driver (or one of the crew).

    Hello Eva, We had a fantastic time. The crew and the boat were first class. We could not have wished for a better time. Thanks again,
    May ’19
    Hi Sasha – I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and hard work to make our vacation so fantastic! All the details you looked after and all the information you provided to our group was amazing and so appreciated. We absolutely LOVED Ivan and the Tanja Mora! Ivan and his team are outstanding! The boat was so beautiful and well looked after. I wasn’t claustrophobic at all and no one was seasick, we could barely feel the motion. Anyway thanks again it was the best trip I have ever had! Michelle Sasha – Below is a comment from my father-in-law that I think sums up our experience. Thank you and your team also for handling all our travel arrangements… ‎Thanks to you and the crew of the Tajna Mora we had an awesome vacation. Bill There is no question, that our expectations were met in every way. Captain Ivan was extremely accommodating in every way. The crew – Ivan, Mathew, Mat and Lucy were as well accommodating in every way. Ivan’s choice of restaurants on shore were excellent and the wine tasting was an added plus. I would have no difficulty in recommending this Yacht to anyone who might be interested in cruising the Croatian Coast. Ivan
    August ’14
    Hi Sasha Sorry for the delay in replying to you but we continued on to Turkey from Croatia and only arrived home a week ago. My head is still spinning. The storm was spectacular however we missed most of it as our very capable Captain got us into a protected bay somewhere for the night, so all was well. We had a fabulous time on the Tanja Moro. All parties agreed it exceeded their expectations. The crew were delightful and so helpful and the Captain lead us gently so that we got the best experience possible. The cook did an amazing job and we enjoyed all the food. I am glad that we went with no set itinerary as it meant we were open to all suggestions and happy to go along with the majority of them. It is a very beautiful part of the world and I would certainly consider another cruise in the area. All agreed it was the most relaxing holiday ever. I have certainly passed on all details already to other friends who are considering this type of holiday. Many thanks to you as well for the excellent organisation. Best wishes
    September ’12
  • Water Skis for adults
  • Snorkelling Gear
  • Amateur fishing Gear
  • Wakeboard
  • 2 x one-seater kayak
  • 1 x two-seater kayak
  • water tube
  • 2 x SUP
  • Waverunner
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