Crewed Yacht charter Gulet NaviluxCrewed Yacht charter Gulet Navilux
Crewed Yacht charter Gulet Navilux
High Point Yachting - Navilux02_Navi_airHigh Point Yachting - Navilux02_Navi_air
High Point Yachting - Navilux03_Navi_airHigh Point Yachting - Navilux03_Navi_air
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High Point Yachting - Navilux12_Navi_extHigh Point Yachting - Navilux12_Navi_ext
High Point Yachting - Navilux13_Navi_extHigh Point Yachting - Navilux13_Navi_ext
High Point Yachting - Navilux14_Navi_extHigh Point Yachting - Navilux14_Navi_ext
High Point Yachting - Navilux15_Navi_extHigh Point Yachting - Navilux15_Navi_ext
High Point Yachting - Navilux16_Navi_extHigh Point Yachting - Navilux16_Navi_ext
High Point Yachting - Navilux17_Navi_extHigh Point Yachting - Navilux17_Navi_ext
High Point Yachting - Navilux18_Navi_extHigh Point Yachting - Navilux18_Navi_ext
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High Point Yachting - Navilux23_Navi_extHigh Point Yachting - Navilux23_Navi_ext
High Point Yachting - Navilux24_Navi_salonHigh Point Yachting - Navilux24_Navi_salon
High Point Yachting - Navilux25_Navi_salonHigh Point Yachting - Navilux25_Navi_salon
High Point Yachting - Navilux26_Navi_salonHigh Point Yachting - Navilux26_Navi_salon
High Point Yachting - Navilux29_Navi_salonHigh Point Yachting - Navilux29_Navi_salon
High Point Yachting - Navilux30_Navi_salonHigh Point Yachting - Navilux30_Navi_salon
High Point Yachting - Navilux31_Navi_master_A_NatalieHigh Point Yachting - Navilux31_Navi_master_A_Natalie
High Point Yachting - Navilux32_Navi_master_A_NatalieHigh Point Yachting - Navilux32_Navi_master_A_Natalie
High Point Yachting - Navilux35_Navi_master_A_NatalieHigh Point Yachting - Navilux35_Navi_master_A_Natalie
High Point Yachting - Navilux36_Navi_master_A_NatalieHigh Point Yachting - Navilux36_Navi_master_A_Natalie
High Point Yachting - Navilux37_Navi_master_B_GraceHigh Point Yachting - Navilux37_Navi_master_B_Grace
High Point Yachting - Navilux38_Navi_master_B_GraceHigh Point Yachting - Navilux38_Navi_master_B_Grace
High Point Yachting - Navilux39_Navi_master_B_GraceHigh Point Yachting - Navilux39_Navi_master_B_Grace
High Point Yachting - Navilux40_Navi_master_B_GraceHigh Point Yachting - Navilux40_Navi_master_B_Grace
High Point Yachting - Navilux41_Navi_twin_C_MarilynHigh Point Yachting - Navilux41_Navi_twin_C_Marilyn
High Point Yachting - Navilux42_Navi_twin_C_MarilynHigh Point Yachting - Navilux42_Navi_twin_C_Marilyn
High Point Yachting - Navilux43_Navi_twin_C_MarilynHigh Point Yachting - Navilux43_Navi_twin_C_Marilyn
High Point Yachting - Navilux44_Navi_double_D_AvaHigh Point Yachting - Navilux44_Navi_double_D_Ava
High Point Yachting - Navilux46_Navi_double_D_AvaHigh Point Yachting - Navilux46_Navi_double_D_Ava
High Point Yachting - Navilux47_Navi_double_D_AvaHigh Point Yachting - Navilux47_Navi_double_D_Ava
High Point Yachting - Navilux48_Navi_double_E_SelmaHigh Point Yachting - Navilux48_Navi_double_E_Selma
High Point Yachting - Navilux49_Navi_double_E_SelmaHigh Point Yachting - Navilux49_Navi_double_E_Selma
High Point Yachting - Navilux50_Navi_double_F_AudreyHigh Point Yachting - Navilux50_Navi_double_F_Audrey
High Point Yachting - Navilux51_Navi_double_F_AudreyHigh Point Yachting - Navilux51_Navi_double_F_Audrey
High Point Yachting - Navilux55_Navi_airHigh Point Yachting - Navilux55_Navi_air
High Point Yachting - Navilux56_Navi_airHigh Point Yachting - Navilux56_Navi_air
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Yacht charter


| 37.30 m
Length: 37.30 m
Beam: 8.30 m
Draft: 3.30 m
Built: 2012
Refit: 2021
Guests: 12  Cabins: 6  Crew: 8 
Cabin configuration
Twin cabin: 1  Double cabin: 5 
Special Offer

S/Y NAVILUX offers 15% discount for the early June charters! Luxury motor-sailor for 12 guests. Excellent crew. Sensational feedback. One-way route between Dubrovnik and Split available with no relocation fee.

30 May - 6 June, route Dubrovnik to Split at a discounted rate €33,150 + VAT + 25% APA
6 - 13 June, route Split to Dubrovnik at a discounted rate €39,100 + VAT + 25% APA


Yacht NAVILUX is such an amazing boat—one of the best on the Adriatic, in fact! She’s earned rave reviews from our clients, and her popularity is no surprise to us. She’s modern, elegant, and has an incredible crew of 8 who not only look after their guests’ every need and keep NAVILUX immaculate—they are also all locals who know better than anyone how to enjoy the Adriatic to the fullest! If you want to experience yacht NAVILUX for yourself, we recommend booking quickly, as she gets booked up very early in the season.

This gorgeous yacht offers room for 12 guests in 6 spacious, en-suite cabins, each of which has its own safe.
- 5 double cabins
- 1 twin cabin

Additional features include equipment for water skiing, fishing, kayaking, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, and jet skiing; the option of including a masseuse, guide, or security guard among the crew, Jacuzzi on deck.

Discover the best of Croatian island and coastline while on board yacht NAVILUX. Explore destinations: CROATIA

Main features

  • Air conditioning
  • Jacuzzi on deck
  • Outstanding crew
  • Spacious lower and upper deck areas
  • Superb chef!
  • Weekly Charter Rates 2024:
    High Season (16th June - 4 September): €59,000 + 13% VAT + 30% APA
    Low Season (Until 16th June & From 4 September): €54,000 + 13% VAT + 30% APA

    Crew Gratuity: Although discretionary, a crew gratuity of 10-15% of the charter fee is customary.

    CYBA/MYBA terms will apply.

    APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance): APA is an estimate (usually 30% of the charter rate) paid with the balance for covering running costs during the charter (food, drinks, fuel, mooring fees, and anything else that guests might need while on charter). Final accounts will be produced by the Captain at the end of the charter and any unused funds will be refunded in full to the Charterer directly. If the funds are not sufficient, the Captain will advise the Charterer accordingly and bills will be settled upon disembarkation.

    Payment conditions: 50% of the charter rate within 7 days of signing the charter agreement, remaining 50%, VAT plus APA, at least 5 weeks before the beginning of the charter.

    To drive a WaveRunner in Croatia one needs to have a boat driving permit with him/her when on the WaveRunner. It is forbidden to allow a person to drive a WaveRunner if one does not have a licence with him/her. If the person does not have a license, it is possible to obtain one while in Croatia. Contact us for more details on Croatian licence for WaveRunner. (However, we recommend getting the licence in your country).

    Embarkation time: 17:00. Disembarkation time: 09:00.

    Sasha, the trip was amazing, frankly beyond my expectations, The ship was beautiful , the staff amazing , the food superb , islands and country enchanting , it couldn’t have gone better really , my wife , an accomplished trip advisor writer will be writing a review soon more eloquently , Highlight employees were Angela , the bar tender who we called vin diesel , the chef Z and the masseuse housekeeper were standouts. … wonderful trip and fond memories we will all now share. Thanks for your help , you guys were great i will recommend you and the boat to my friends and might even consider renting the sister ship this winter in the Caribbean.
    May ’18
    Skip (with family and friends, US)
    12 months ago we decided to charter a boat and experience some of the wonderful islands of Croatia with good friends of ours. I had never chartered a boat or for that matter been on a boat trip so this was foreign territory for me. As I started the long process of doing my homework so many reviews kept referring to this lady called Sasha King. I knew at this point I had to make the connection with Sasha and can I say from that point 8 months ago I have not looked back. Sasha was so professional from day one. Her first priority was to hear our requirements of what we were looking for and then to start recommending what might be the best vessel option for us. I distinctly remember Sasha saying “Louise you have to look at Navilux, she is by far the best sailing boat on the Adriatic”. I took one look and knew it was our dream boat, but I did my due diligence and also asked for some other alternatives. I kept coming back to Navilux for so many reasons; the award winning chef, the reputation of the family owned boat and local crew, the outdoor space, the stunning interior and the positive reviews I continued to find online about everything to do with Navilux. We have just returned from a week sailing with Navilux with some of our closest friends and can I say all of us were completely blown away by the experience. From the minute we boarded the boat in Split we knew we were in for a fantastic week. The staff were so attentive to every need and completely exceeded our expectations in every aspect. Chief Hostess Ivana, and Captain Eugene and their team on the vessel are the most professional team and work very closely with the clients requirements. The dining experience on board was to the level of any A la cart restaurant I have experienced with fresh wonderful produce that suited our needs. Chef Z was also so kind to include my teenagers favourite meals of pancakes at breakfast and spaghetti bolognese at the drop of a hat upon their request! Tony who is the Host on Navilux looked after our food and beverage requirements day and night, and a day after coming off the boat my children were saying how much they were already missing Tony! The crew really became part of our group and part of our experience that will last with us all forever. For anyone that is considering Navilux you will not be disappointed. This is a holiday you will never forget and will walk away being completely satisfied, from the minute you meet Sasha to the moment your holiday sadly comes to an end. We cannot wait to get back on board Navilux again!
    July ’17
    Louise – Canberra, Australia
    Dear Sasha, We all had a fabulous time on the Navilux. We can’t thank you enough for recommending it to us and for organising everything for us. The week went seamlessly. We can not fault it. The boat was luxurious, huge and extremely comfortable. The crew especially Ivana and Tony were wonderful and extremely hospitable. The food was absolutely delicious, very fresh and tasty. We all said the food was better on board than in the many great restaurants we ate in along the way. The Adriatic coast was simply stunning. We had high expectations for the week and those were exceeded. So thank you very much once again.We won’t hesitate in recommending the boat and your services to our friends. Kind regards
    July ’16
    Dear Sasha, We returned today from a wonderful trip aboard Navilux. The boat was perfect-comfortable and spacious but tasteful too. The crew were great and Ivana made a huge impression upon us-so capable, friendly and attentive as was Robert the othersteward. The chef produced fantastic food and had really taken on board the type of cuisine we like- every meal on board was wonderful. The whole team were just lovely and probably the best crew we have encountered- I think the family connection also helps. We also loved Croatia and all of us want to return to see more of the country. Thank you for all your help in organizing such a special holiday- we have returned home well rested and delighted to have discovered Croatia aboard Navilux. Best wishes,
    July ’14

    Captain: Ante Ercegovic
    Nationality: Croatian
    From his earliest years, Ante has been learning how to manage and maintain ships with his grandfather and father. Even before graduating “Cum Laude” at the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split, he couldn’t imagine himself doing anything else other than to follow the footsteps of generations of his ancestors, who were invariably captains and boat owners.
    After four years on board of the 38m luxury charter yacht Navilux, from 2016 he has completely dedicated himself to the SY AIAXAIA project – from the very idea till the final product. It is clear that Ante knows every corner of MSY Navilux. Ante is an extremely goal-orientated person, focused and very natural in his leadership role. As a project manager and captain of Nvailux, he has chosen very carefully his crew, in order to provide absolutely the best possible service to his charter guests in a pleasant and positive working environment.

    Chef:Ante Bašić
    Nationality: Croatian
    Ante grew up with intuitive love for food. His mother and grandmother recognised that his interest in cooking is something much more than just a child’s curiosity, so they guided him and supported in his first steps in the culinary world. Ante continued cooking, learning and exploring for years to come. The list of the restaurants where Ante has worked is impressive. He worked his way to get the opportunity to thrive under the mentorship of the most prominent names of Croatian cooking scene.
    Ante is looking forward to providing MSY Navilux guests the ultimate gourmet experience: the opportunity to create his menus according to previously gathered preferences of charter guests he finds completely liberating.

    Steward: Jakša Bučić
    Nationality: Croatian
    Jakša has years of experience in hospitality and working aboard yachts. Hospitality is not just a job, it is a passion and way of life. Jakša has proved himself to be a valuable asset to every yacht he has ever worked on, and he is excited to be a part of the professional Navilux crew. Jakša is outgoing, and while he is professional, he also has a great sense of humour which helps anyone feel relaxed in his presence. Jakša loves creating memorable moments for his guests; his experience and knowledge ensure everyone who sails with Navilux will have an amazing holiday.

    Stewardess: Karmen Rozic
    Nationality: Croatian
    Karmen is a diligent, experienced and professional hostess who makes another great addition to the Navilux crew. Karmen has worked several seasons aboard various yachts and in resorts around the world; in every role, she has pushed herself to grow and learn which is why she comes highly recommended. Karmen is organised, attentive and detail-oriented – all traits required in this role.
    While Karmen's role is less guest-facing, it is a crucial element of the overall service provided onboard Navilux. Guests will notice and appreciate the care and attention of Karmen's work. In her spare time, Karmen enjoys walking, cooking and gardening.

    Stewardess: Melody Rarela Matkovic
    Nationality: Croatian
    As a diligent, experienced, professional stewardess Melody has always proved herself to be a valuable asset to every resort and yacht she worked on. She worked for several seasons on different yachts and in resorts around the world, always upgrading the service, team spirit and overall experience of the clients. Melody worked from 2014 – 2016 on SY Navilux, leaving an impeccable reputation among the clients of that yacht, to join SY Aiaxaia in 2017 but this season she is back on Navilux to provide the best housekeeping service. Melody is an organised,
    attentive, and well-focused person, in control of the situation in her working domain. Although you might not see Melody that much, the results of her work will thrill you. In her spare time, Melody is learning Croatian (tutored by her Croatian husband), enjoys walking, cooking and gardening.

    Engineer: Mate Kapic
    Nationality: Croatian
    Mate has been on and around the sea since his childhood. A passion for engineering is part of his life as long as he can remember. After 6 years of experience on new-builds or newly-refitted mini cruisers operating in Croatian waters, Mate gained a reputation of the man you want in the engine room of your yacht. Mate brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to ensure the smooth operation of this astonishing yacht, while at the same time makes a great addition to Navilux’s crew, being easy-going, and a diligent team player with no issues to give a hand wherever needed on board. In his spare time Mate loves outdoor activities, fishing, sports and enjoys good movies.

    Deckhand: Srđan Smailagić
    Nationality: Croatian
    Srđan is a passionate sailor and enjoys everything connected to the sea. After graduation, Srđan completed all safety training and certificates in the Maritime School in Split, and obtained the highest international certificates for his position. Following this, Srđan worked for more than 8 years on yachts and passenger ships sailing worldwide.
    Most recently, Srđan was aboard luxury yacht Aixaia and now he follows Ante to join as crew aboard Navilux. Srđan has a relaxed and friendly nature which guests feel and appreciate. Whether driving the tender for guests to go ashore or enjoy water-sports, or helping around the yacht, Srđan is always willing to do what is necessary to ensure the best experience for the guests and a positive working atmosphere amongst the crew.

    Deckhand: Luka Maric
    Nationality: Croatian
    Luka grew up on the sea and fell in love with boats at an early age. His passion enabled him to sail around the world on various passenger ships.
    Luka was able to choose a new job from many offers that were laid in front of him once he decided to limit his sailing area from worldwide seas to his local, well known and deeply loved Adriatic. Besides his experience, knowledge and other professional qualities that make him an outstanding addition to MSY Navilux’s fleet, Luka is truly a hands-on person who takes every task seriously and completes it in the best way, striving to make your stay on yacht both safe and pleasant as possible.

    • Water skis for adults and children
    • Kayak for 2 people
    • Wakeboard
    • 4x Standup paddle board
    • Fishing gear (license might be required, it can be obtained locally for a small fee)
    • 2 x Personal watercraft Yamaha WX 1100 (two seaters)
    • 2 x Sea Bob
    • Tube and donut
    • Floating mats and foam floating tubes
    • Snorkelling equipment for adults and children
    • 6m RIB with 115hp outboard

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