luxury yacht charter Indonesia
luxury yacht charter Indonesia
Indonesia – our latest gem to discover

We are excited to announce that High Point Yachting has launched another incredible destination for you to discover. We strive to offer you the world’s most miraculous locations and Indonesia is just that. Miraculous. 

luxury private yacht charter Indonesia

Indonesia is a country of 17,000 islands. Exploring them by yacht makes for a truly out-of-the-ordinary and memorable trip. With so many places to discover, Indonesia is a destination to explore like no other—its beauty has to be seen to be believed. Navigate some of the most remote locations in the country, away from crowded areas, with little-to-no human contact. Visit UNESCO world heritage sites, mesmerising natural parks and encounter cultures far removed from your own. There are various areas ideal for chartering; each has its own charter season.

Birthed by volcanoes, the islands of Indonesia stretch in a long chain between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. As an island nation, Indonesia has, by necessity, been knit together through traditions of seafaring. The most iconic of Indonesia’s trading vessels is the PHINISI, wooden vessels built to sail the historic spice routes.

Today, seafaring travellers can step back in time aboard one of these traditional yachts while enjoying all the contemporary luxuries of the present, with a new fleet that blends the design and craftsmanship of the past with modern safety and comforts.

luxury charter Indonesia private

A few of our favourite yachts available to you:


Indonesia yacht charter Prana grand suite cabin

A 9 cabin, custom built phinisi yacht available to charter for up to 18 guests.


yacht charter Alexa Indonesia

A single cabin provides the ultimate private retreat for a couple looking for an experience like no other.


yacht charter master cabin Rascal

Step on board Rascal and soak up the beautiful Hampton-style combined with the tropical landscapes of Indonesia. Rascal is truly one of a kind.

Where to charter in Indonesia?

Charter Season: May to October
yacht charter Indonesia Bali

A popular tourist destination, Bali is widely known as a true paradise. It’s more than a place; it’s a feeling.

Komodo National Park 

Charter season: May to October
private yacht charter Indonesia Komodo

The UNESCO World Heritage site of the Komodo National Park is a must see for any nature lover.

Alor Archipelago

Charter season: October to November and March to April

private yacht charter Indonesia Alor Archipelago

East of the Komodo National park lies the remote Alor Archipelago. Not only is it rich in nature but it is bursting with cultural interest.

Raja Ampat

Charter season: November to April

yacht charter Indonesia Raja Ampat

Made up of 1,500 islands covered in dense, thick jungle, steep cliffs and white sandy beaches, these islands are a sight to be seen and enjoyed.

West Papua

Charter Season: November to April
luxury yacht charter West Papa Indonesia

For those seeking a truly remote, off-the-beaten-track experience head to West Papua. Often refer to as the ‘wild west’ you won’t find more of an adventure than chartering here.

The Spice Islands 

Charter Season: October to November and March to April

yacht charter Indonesia spice island

The Spice islands (also known as the Banda Islands) are a small chain of volcanic islands with a rich history, best explored by boat. While not commonly frequented by tourists, those who do make the journey are quickly rewarded.

Berth: 18
Cabins: 9
 , 55 m
Berth: 12
Cabins: 6
 , 50 m
Si Datu Bua
Berth: 6
Cabins: 3
 , 40 m
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