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For those seeking a truly out of the ordinary, remote and memorable trip, head to the un-spoilt paradises of Indonesia. With so many unknown places to discover, Indonesia is a destination to explore like no other—you have to see it to believe its beauty. Many of the 17,000 islands are best experienced by yacht. Navigate some of the most remote locations in the country, away from crowded areas, with little to no human contact. Experience UNESCO world heritage sites, mesmerising natural parks and encounter cultures far removed from your own. There are a selection of areas ideal for chartering and each has its own charter season.


Indonesia highlights

There are very few places on earth that can offer a holiday of a lifetime like Indonesia can.

Indonesia destinations

Indonesia offers a diversity unrivalled by other destinations. Witness flora and fauna that looks like it should be in an adventure book rather than sitting right in front of your eyes. Snorkel or dive in some of the world’s most stunning under water paradises. With a yacht charter in Indonesia, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the region and discover the beauty and culture of this truly unique area.



A popular tourist destination, Bali is widely known as a true paradise. It’s more than a place; it’s a feeling. A magical blend of culture, people, nature, activities, weather, culinary delights, nightlife, and beautiful accommodation. Despite the large number of visitors each year Bali has still held firm to its character and charm. This bustling location is the ideal place to spend time before embarking on a yacht charter from May through to October. Check in to one of the numerous resorts to relax after your travels or, for those preferring a more off-the-beaten-track experience, head to the traditional villages. Why not arrive and enjoy the calming views of rice paddies, create memories of the night life in Kuta, stroll around Seminyak's shopping areas and finally head to Ubud, the spiritual capital, to discover unique temples. There really is something for everyone here.

Indonesia Komodo

Komodo National Park

East of Bali and Lombok, the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Komodo National Park is a must see. Charter here in May through to October. Its islands of Lombok, Sumbawa, Moyo and Flores have the power to transport you. Komodo National Park is a nature lover's paradise. Home to the indigenous Komodo Dragon, these giant lizards, exist nowhere else in the world. The seas are equally impressive, with over 1,000 different fish species and 260 types of coral. This national park is a treasure trove of nature. You can explore the underwater world at dedicated dive sites. As well as diving, at 60% of these it is possible to go snorkelling. Discover manta rays, pygmy sea horses and, for those lucky enough to encounter them, whale sharks. The rugged hillsides of dry savannah and pockets of thorny green vegetation contrast starkly with the brilliant white sandy beaches and the blue waters surging over coral. Embark not only on a luxury yacht charter but on your own nature safari. These islands won’t disappoint.

Indonesia Alor archipelago

Alor Archipelago

East of the Komodo National park lies the remote Alor Archipelago. Not only is it rich in nature but it is bursting with cultural interest. Around 100 indigenous tribes live between the volcanic islands of East Nusa Tengarra and Alor. The diving in this part of Indonesia is impressive. Due to powerful currents, you have a higher chance of spotting larger predators such as the hammerhead shark. For anyone keen on fishing, this area is also home to many of the deep-sea game fish such as Spanish mackerel, dog tooth and yellow fin tuna. There are at least 50 dive spots stretching from Alor Island to Pantar Island, and several islets around them. Some of the best sites are found along the Pantar Strait. Enjoy a charter here during October and November or March and April.

Indonesia Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat

A pristine paradise where Mother Nature and warm friendly people welcome you with all the exceptional wonders on offer in Raja Ampat. Charter here from November through to April. Made up of 1,500 islands covered in dense, thick jungle, steep cliffs and white sandy beaches, these islands are a sight to be seen and enjoyed. Considered among the most bio-diverse habitats on earth they boast a huge variety of marine wildlife. Raja Ampat translates as ‘Four Kings’, linked to the main islands of Misool, Batanta, Waigeo and Salawati. Nowadays one does not need to be a king to explore these islands (as well as the smaller islands of Maluku, Trition Bay and Cenderawasih Bay), we guarantee you will soon feel like one when chartering in this area.


West Papua

For those seeking a truly remote, off-the-beaten-track experience head to West Papua. Charter here from November through to April. Often refer to as the ‘wild west’ you won’t find more of an adventure than chartering here. Due to the remote nature of these islands, they are only reachable for longer charters but, if you have the time, they are well worth it. North of this is Bird’s Head Peninsula and the bay of Cenderawasih which is the largest national park in Indonesia. To the south Triton Bay, the ideal place to try your luck at seeing a whale shark in the Kaimana Marine Protected area. The bay is covered in lush rainforest and magical waterfalls, making it the ideal place to hike. It’s impossible to explain quite why they’re unlike anywhere you’ve visited before—you will simply have to go.

The Spice Island

The Spice Islands

The Spice islands (also known as the Banda Islands) are a small chain of volcanic islands with a rich history, best explored by boat. These islands are the centre of Indonesia’s spice trade, which can be traced back to ancient times. Today, these islands are still the world’s top producers of nutmeg, mace, cloves and pepper. While not commonly frequented by tourists, those who do make the journey can discover picturesque islands, quality reefs teeming with marine life, quiet stretches of beach and places filled with the pungent aromas of spices rich in history. Step ashore to soak up the history for yourself as well as the breathtakingly landscapes on offer. From here charter the Raja Ampat and Halmahera or explore the rugged island of Morotai. Charters in this region occur from October to November or March through to the end of April.

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