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Best crewed catamaran charters in Caribbean

Anyone who has chartered a crewed catamaran in the Caribbean dreams of coming back. It’s easy to understand why. This part of the world, with its calm pace of life and warm and sunny climate, is the perfect place to relax and an ideal sailing ground. There is a lot to enjoy: sandy, palm-fringed beaches and beautiful coves, colourful marine life and a perfectly clear sea. For many this is a picture of paradise.

crewed catamarans charters in the Caribbean - High Point Yachting

We have got to know the Grenadines and the British Virgin Islands particularly well over the last few years, while visiting the territory and the yachts based there. In those areas, crewed catamaran charters are the way to go. I noticed immediately that the set-up is very different to most of the Mediterranean crewed charters of this size and type. In the Caribbean crews have turned their catamarans into homely, authentic vessels, full of character. They are perfect hosts who will proudly welcome you to their home, enthusiastic and eager to provide the most memorable charters for clients.

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It takes a particular kind of approach to the job to make a great crew.  At the heart of it is a total commitment to getting everything right and a real love of the job.  These teams never stop being great!

Our ‘gold list’ of perfect catamarans in this area is no secret to many of our clients. They are requested and booked months in advance.

crewed catamarans charters in the Caribbean, British Virgin Isalnds - High Point Yachting

This is a shortlist from our list of excellent crewed catamarans in the Caribbean:

Catamaran Ebb & Flow , 56ft, 3 guest cabins, 2 crew, chartering in the Caribbean Virgin Islands & Bahamas

Ebb & Flow is a 2016 Lagoon 560, S2 Imagine Edition that follows the motto, ‘Explore, Connect, Rejuvenate’. This crewed yacht charter will certainly allow you to do those three things! Ebb & Flow has 2 rotating crews; one set with over 20 years of experience and another crew who have recently been awarded 2 prizes at the BVI Yacht Show 2022. Mark & Sally and Taylor & Margaret are fantastic and will ensure you have a charter to remember!

The weekly charter rate depends on number of guests and starts from $33,000 all inclusive.

Catamaran GIPSY PRINCESS, 45ft, 3 guest cabins, 2 crew (Biff and Amy), chartering in the Virgin Islands

Biff and Amy are known as the most fantastic hosts around the BVI. We highly recommend chartering with them. The catamaran is beautifully kept and has a lovely, homely feel.

The weekly charter rate depends on number of guests and starts from $14,800 all inclusive.

Nita K 2
Berth: 12
Cabins: 5
 , 51.80 m
Just Enough
Berth: 11
Cabins: 5
 , 43 m
Never Enough
Berth: 10
Cabins: 5
 , 42.67 m
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