Cyclades Islands itinerary – one way Athens to Santorini

Cyclades Islands itinerary - one way Athens to Santorini

Charter area: Greece
/ Cyclades Islands
Route total days: 8
Start: Athens
End: Santorini

Athens - Lavrion

Day 1 / Distance 31 NM / 3H : 29min

Athens has so much to see and do and each neighborhood has its own unique attractions and character. Explore the cafes in Exarchia, the vibrant nightlife in Gazi and the coolest shopping in Koukaki. Arguably, the birthplace of democracy, science and philosophy—indeed of western civilization in general—Athens is a historian's dream. But it is not just for history lovers; it also has many markets and squares such as Monastiraki Square where you one can find many boutiques, galleries and shops.
Embark at one of the marinas in Athens and meet your crew. Tour your yacht, unpack and settle in while you set sail south to Lavrion in time for an evening meal.
Lavrion is known as the gateway to the Cyclades. Renowned for its ancient silver mines, the island boasts a fascinating archaeological legacy, with remnants of ancient mining operations scattered across the landscape. Visitors can explore the Archaeological Museum of Lavrion to delve into the area's mining history and marvel at the artifacts unearthed from these ancient works. Beyond its historical allure, Lavrion offers stunning coastal views and pristine beaches, making it a haven for sun-seekers and water enthusiasts. The Aegean Sea beckons travellers to swim, snorkel, or simply bask in the Mediterranean sunshine.

Lavrion - Kythnos

Day 2 / Distance 25 NM / 1H : 50min

Kythnos or Thermaiam is an understated beauty. Known as approachable, friendly and a joyfully hospitable place to visit, the island is blessed with 65 impressive sandy beaches. The most impressive being Kolóna where a lane of sand connects the beach with the islet of Avios Loukas. Once you have explored the beaches head inland and follow the paths that connect the villages; ensure you take in the narrow-cobbled streets, white houses, village squares and the beautiful chapels and windmills. For a truly unforgettable experience, walk to the Katafýki cave, tasting apricots and wild mulberries on your way, and explore one of Greece’s biggest caves with its stalactites and stalagmites! Finally, no one can visit Kythnos and not take a dip in the island's famous hot springs—the only hot springs in the Cyclades.

Kythnos - Serifos

Day 3 / Distance 23 NM / 2H : 35min

Serifos Island, with its rugged mining sites, has its own distinct Cycladic flair. With its arid and wild landscapes, Serifos stands out from its neighbouring islands. We recommend a visit to Chora. This town is built on a rocky hill and can be seen from the docks. There are two parts to this town Pano (meaning upper) Chora and Kato (meaning lower) Chora, both connected by a stairway. You’ll find bars, cafés and tavernas in the town’s narrow streets.
Livadi, the main port on Serifos, is another great place to explore. Enjoy the nearby cafés, fish tavernas and pastry shops located next to the seashore.

Serifos - Sifnos

Day 4 / Distance 18 NM / 2H : 20min

Sifnos is a barren and remote island in the most southern Cyclades. Everything there feels so simple, yet the food is highly sophisticated, and the wine is superior. It's a place where bougainvillea comes in the brightest red and the hottest pink and hangs over the white washed houses and blue shutters. This is a romantic island with a peaceful feel to it, a place where the sunsets are magical and where one wanders the streets in the evening, browsing galleries and shops before settling down for Sifnos' signature dishes. Enjoy a peaceful visit to the beaches where swimming and dining in the seaside taverns are the main thing to do as there are no water sports aloud. If you enjoy walking, there are many hiking trails that cross Sifnos, which lead to monasteries, small chapels, old towers and secluded beaches.

Sifnos - Poliegos

Day 5 / Distance 14 NM / 1H : 35min

Polyeigos (Polivos) is an exotic paradise. The colours and the feeling it offers are unforgettable! This is the largest uninhabited island of Greece and one of the largest uninhabited islands in the Mediterranean. The island is of great geological and ecological importance because it is home to rare or even endangered species, such as the Mediterranean seal, adders, lizards, and falcons; and 32 rare or even endangered species of plant. For its significant ecological value Polyeigos has been incorporated into the Natura 2000 network. This natural, mainly undisturbed island offers a host of beautiful beaches, the most impressive rock formations and wonderful anchorages. The most famous beaches are located in the bays of Kato and Ano Mersini.

Poliegos - Paros

Day 6 / Distance 36 NM / 4H : 5min

Paros is one of the largest and most fertile islands of the Cyclades with valleys, plains and farmland. It is famous for its golden beaches, clear blue waters and nightlife. However, there is more to it than that. Rich in natural resources, cultural heritage, unique customs, traditional dishes and famous wine, this island has much to offer anyone that visits. To explore the island’s culture, we recommend a visit to Parikia, the port and capital of the island. Parikia is an area of exceptional religious, archaeological and cultural importance. Once there, you can see the famous church of Panagia Ekantotapyliani (4th century), a magnificent monument and one of the most important Early Christian churches in Greece. In contrast to the bustling town of Parkia, you could visit the village of Lefkes, a beautiful and unspoiled settlement—the only mountain settlement in Paros. Picturesque, calm and amphitheatrically built among lush greenery, it preserves its traditional character. No motor vehicles are allowed which makes it very peaceful.
Finally, no trip to Paros would be complete without trying some of Paros’s famous cheeses, and wonderful wines (labeled PDO=Protected Designation of Origin). If your visit coincides with the harvest, visitors can join in crushing the grapes and enjoy the accompanying festivities.

Paros - Ios

Day 7 / Distance 25 NM / 2H : 50min

The Island of Ios, nestled in the heart of the Cyclades in Greece, beckons travellers with its unique blend of stunning natural beauty, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural heritage. Renowned for its lovely sandy beaches and clear waters, Ios offers an idyllic setting for sun-seekers and water enthusiasts. From the lively atmosphere of Mylopotas Beach to the serene coves of Manganari, there's a spot for everyone.

Ios - Santorini

Day 8 / Distance 22 NM / 2H : 25min

Enjoy a final breakfast onboard before sailing to your final destination of Santorini for disembarkation.
Santorini is renowned for its breath-taking beauty and rich history. Perched on rugged cliffs that cascade dramatically into the sea below, the island boasts stunning panoramas. The whitewashed buildings create a picture-perfect contrast against the deep blue skies and sea. The remnants of ancient civilizations, including the Minoan city of Akrotiri, add an air of mystery and allure to Santorini. Visitors can wander through narrow cobblestone streets, discovering charming cafes, boutique shops, and quaint tavernas serving up delicious local cuisine. As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden glow across the island, Santorini transforms into a romantic haven.
We suggest spending time here following your charter before heading onward on your travels.

Map Athens to Santorini