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St Vincent & the Grenadines

In the late 16th century, European sailors daring to sail through the southern Caribbean risked running into the English sea captain Sir Frances Drake, who was such a dreaded figure that the Spanish king Philip II offered the equivalent of 4 million pounds to anyone who could send Drake to a watery grave. A century later, because the notorious pirate Blackbeard was patrolling the same area, sailors were still avoiding the area like the plague. But nowadays, people in the know about sailing just can’t keep away from the southern Caribbean, and especially St Vincent & the Grenadines.

It’s easy to understand why. This part of the world, with its calm pace and ideal climate, is the perfect place to relax. Explore unique colonial architecture and hidden coves, marvel at colourful marine life, and maybe even dive down to see some of Drake’s and Blackbeard’s handiwork lying on the bottom of the sea.

High Point Yachting can help you choose the right sailing yacht, catamaran or motor yacht and create the most interesting itinerary for you to explore this beautiful holiday destination.

Our Benetti STAR OF THE SEA has prepared several itineraries for this enchanting area, St Vincent & the Grenadines: BEQUIA ITINERARY

St Vincent & the Grenadines Charter - High Point Yachting

Destination Highlights

This is the place for nature lovers, for those who appreciate the impact of the most amazing turquoise colours on one’s relaxed mind. The rainbow of fishes, gigantic turtles, mesmerising scenery, friendly islanders … The pace is slow … This is a relaxed route that will take you from St Lucia to Grenada.