HPYF 2008, Gocek, Turkey, 18 – 25 October

HPYF 2008, Gocek, Turkey, 18 - 25 October

HPYF 2008, YachtFest, bild Fethiye area (Cold Water Bay, Kapi Creek and Firsherman’s Bay) – High Point Yachting

The first High Point YachtFest regatta (HPYF 2008) was held in Gocek, Turkey between 18th – 25th October 2008.  With four boats participating, we visited some
of the most beautiful bays in the Fethiye area (Cold Water Bay, Kapi Creek and Firsherman’s Bay) and the town of Fethiye as well. We were warmly
welcomed by local supporters everywhere. The event was a success with everyone enjoying their time in Turkey immensely.

HPYF 2008, Di & Martin Yacht Private Charter - High Point Yachting

Welcome Note from John:

Dear Sailors, Welcome to Turkey!

Welcome to High Point YachtFest 2008!  Welcome to Gocek! 2008 is the first year for High Point regattas and we have a very small fleet. It will be
an informal and intimate week, blending the sailing with great cuisine and in good company.

Gocek has a great climate and stunning scenery. We have planned to alternate nights in marinas with nights in secluded anchorages. This is so that
we can stock up with water and provisions for two days and then enjoy evenings together in some of the area’s most beautiful bays. We anticipate
a truly local flavour and, as in the picture, you can expect to be visited on the water by locals offering pancakes or fresh fish – delicious!!

HPYF 2008, YachtFest, Gocek Private Luxury Yachting UK – High Point Yachting

The detailed itinerary is explained in the following pages – LOGBOOK – but here’s a summary.  The week will start in Gocek. After checking in
and taking over your boat, there will be a welcome party in Blues Bar at around 19:30h where we will all meet for the first time. On the Sunday
morning, 09:00h we will meet up to agree the plan for the day, including the day’s course(s), expected weather, and anything else that’s on your
mind. Our first destination will be Cold Water Bay, near Gemiler island where we have organised a dinner for all at a small restaurant.

HPYF 2008, YachtFest, Yacht Charter Regatta Race - High Point Yachting

Day 2 we go to Fethiye where the town has so much to offer that we have not organised anything specific. Next stop is Kapi Creek, a beautiful
secluded bay, again with dinner organised. After another evening in Fethiye we will go to Fisherman’s Bay (Osman’s Place) where we will dine
by the waterside all together.

Then it’s back to Gocek for the prize-giving which will be in the Can Restaurant at the west end of the promenade, part of the Skopea Marina.
And finally it’s check-out at 09:00. No need to worry about cleaning or refuelling, both are included.

Sailing regatta private yacht Turkey - High Point Yachting

On the sailing side, because we are a small fleet we will use “gate” starts rather than the conventional type. A “rabbit” (John’s boat) will tack
towards an upwind mark.    After an announcement, when the “rabbit” is on the next port tack the other starters will cross behind him on
starboard tack. It is a simple and effective way and will be explained in more detail on the first day. Again because we are a small fleet we
can have more than one race each day, if we want,  maybe with a lunch break at anchor in  between.

Regatta race - High Point Yachting

In October, the water is typically 29 degrees centigrade so swimming is not the bone-chilling  experience it usually is in the sea. We are confident
you will enjoy High Point 2008 enormously and that it will be a safe, incident-free event.  If you have any concerns or suggestions about safety or
enjoyment please feel free to share them with any of us at any time.

Our thanks go to Bulent Fidan and Mustafa Gençaslan who have helped us through-out the year with the organisation of our first High Point YachtFest.

Bulent Fidan and Mustafa Gençaslan Yacht Fest - High Point Yachting

Please check the link below for more information on the High Point Yacht Fest event and other past and current events too:

1st HPYF regatta, 18-25 October 2008, Gocek, Turkey

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