French Polynesia yacht charter destination: Bora Bora
Above and below sea surface, the coast of Huahine island and coral reef fish school with a shark underwater, Pacific ocean, French Polynesia

French Polynesia

French Polynesia

French Polynesia provides an extraordinary sailing experience. consisting of over 100 islands dispersed over 2.000 kilometres in the south Pacific. The islands are a very long way from anywhere and they feel like it. The pace of life is slow and relaxed. As a sailing ground the islands are superb. The atols, caves and coves of the islands provide endless variety and exploring the islands by boat is the obvious — and best — way. Sailing between the islands is uncomplicated and each island offers its own distinct blend of remarkable tropical flora and fauna, often against a dramatic volcanic mountain. The natural beauty of the place is breath-taking and it is easy to understand why an artist like Paul Gaugin, spent so much of his creative life there. It helps you to see the world in a new light – literally. This area is becoming more and more popular with yacht charters. And no wonder! It is a different world, largest coral atoll chain, incredible landscapes, perfect snorkelling and diving area, kitesurfing and windsurfing paradise, lagoons and rainforest peaks. It must be one of the most beautiful places in the world! We recommend at least a 10 day charter or, ideally a two-week charter to get the most out of this area at a gentle pace. There are several mega yachts available in French Polynesia as well as some fantastic crewed catamarans.

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French Polynesia highlights

French influence, with local culture and practice, combine to offer discreet luxury. Food at restaurant in marinas and anchorages is excellent, again, combining the best of local and French influence. If you want to combine a yacht charter with getting away from it all, you can’t get further away from it all than French Polynesia.

French Polynesia destinations

Bellow is a suggested itinerary for a week long charter:

Huahine French Polynesia 1


Pick-up at midday on the pier of Fare the main village of the island of HUAHINE in French Polynesia; there are some nice shops & restaurants in the area. Set sails to Hana Iti or to Avea Bay, with its white sand beach in the south of Huahine, an ideal, quiet mooring for the night. Mountains covered in abundant tropical vegetation, with turquoise waters all around form an outstandingly beautiful landscape. Explore the lagoon by dinghy with the crew and enjoy the excellent snorkelling. Dinner aboard.

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(About 35 nautical miles – 3 to 4 hours sailing during while line-fishing is available!)

After breakfast sail to TAHAA, French Polynesia, known as the “Vanilla Island” due to the abundance of this aromatic orchid. Thanks to the prevailing winds this is always a short sail. The hills of RAIATEA & TAHAA will quickly appear on the horizon. The 2 islands are within the same lagoon, sheltered by a surrounding coral reef barrier.

Here you can enjoy the South Pacific in all its beauty; cobalt sea, pure white clouds and intense blue skies! When entering in the Lagoon, you can stop in the Haamene Bay, a well-know anchor for sailors. It looks like a Norwegian fjord, spectacular and well protected from the swell.

Another option would be to anchor in the Bay of Faaha.
You can make a complementary visit to a vanilla plantation, where the guests can buy some samples to take home. Lunch aboard.

Sail to Tau Tau motu. If nature does her stuff, you may be lucky enough to see a magnificent sunset over the neighbouring Bora-Bora island, with its amazing palette of colours. This could be followed by a dinner at Le Tahaa Island Resort & Spa, a “Relais & Châteaux” property (if guests want it).


After breakfast, guests can enjoy a nice walk on the Tau Tau motu and beautiful snorkelling within the coral garden.

Lunch aboard – Stop at Mahaea motu for swimming, snorkelling and the beautiful white sandy beaches.
Sail to Apu Bay at the end of the afternoon, a very quite and peaceful anchorage. There is an option to visit a pearl farm. Dinner on board sheltered by the coral reef.


(One and a half to two hours sailing within the lagoon)

After Breakfast, set sail to reach RAIATEA and the splendid Faaroa bay on the East coast of the island. Explore by tender the Aopomau fresh river, which finishes in the deepest corner of the bay. Then after lunch, sail to Opoa bay, a few miles to the south. Go ashore to visit the charming small village and the impressive “Marae of Taputapuatea”. It is one of the oldest Maori places; one of the main architectural sites of French Polynesia.

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(Around 30 nautical miles, 3-4 hours sailing)

After breakfast set sails for the legendary BORA BORA island in French Polynesia and the most beautiful lagoon in the world!

The Otemanu summits, at more than 700 meters, soar above the deep blue sees. The impressive Pahia mountain will be the next port of call. When entering the reef pass, the calm waters become shade of blue that will take your breath away.
The Yacht Club of Boar Bora, a sacred meeting point for global sailors, is located a mile to the east. The yacht will anchor in front of the Topua Motu for some lunch and water sports. Enjoy the evening in the serene surroundings, a lagoon where guests can stay lost or hidden for days…


Sail to Pofai Bay and visit Vaitape, the main village of the Island with its small shops and banks. Explore the lagoon under the sails. A stop can be made to visit the Lagoonarium. This is a natural aquarium where sharks and manta rays are fed and can be watched in the water. Guests can get up close to myriads of coloured fishes and turtles.
A nice anchorage will be found for the night around Taurere but, before that, guests will have the chance to snorkel within the Coral Garden—an unforgettable experience where the currents give the wonderful feeling of flying within a warren of canyons, exploding with colours, mixing fauna and flora.

The following day, is the final sail from the Piti Aau Motu and the Raititi cape.
Observe the birds, or collect some shells on surrounding motus, while sailing around Bora Bora in its quiet lagoon. The journey can end, either at the port of Vaitape or, if practicable, at the hotel of the guests’ choice, or at the Raititi cape, near the Bora Bora hotel with its nice shops and art galleries. The nearby beaches are just perfect for a last swim and snorkelling.

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