Paradise Beach the Bahamas
The Bahamas
Nassau, the Bahamas
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The Bahamas

Throughout most of the past 300 years, sugar plantations, which produced most of the sugar consumed in Western Europe, were the driving force behind the economies and social structures of the islands of the northern Caribbean. These days, sugar plantations are a thing of the past for most of the region, but the Bahamas Caribbean Islands are still unquestionably sweet places to visit!

One of the most exciting aspects of the north Caribbean is its blend of African, Latin American, and European culture. As you sail through this gorgeous part of the world, take time to enjoy the distinctive music, architecture, and cuisine. And of course, the scenery is incomparable!

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 The bahamas: North Caribbean Sea - High Point Yachting

Destination Highlights

Miles of the most beautiful white sand, deserted beaches and cays surrounded with the mesmerising blues and greens. From the lively Nassau, the only city in the country, to 100s of stunning subtropical islands. This paradise is well worth exploring.