In March 2019, the BVI hosted the first winter edition of our HPYF sailing event. While we’ve had a bit of time to get to know the BVI and the local community by then, it was the HPYF week that has confirmed this area as a fantastic destination for our sailing event.

Please see the 2019 SOUVENIR LOGBOOK for more information about the 2019 sailing regatta. The event was a great success and we are going back to the BVI in March 2020!

John has created the first issue of the 2020 LOGBOOK! Please have a look: ‘HPYF BVI 2020 LOGBOOK’


We invite you to join us for the annual winter event in the Caribbean.

Dates: 7 – 14 March 2020, Tortola, BVI

  • Enter as a complete team chartering your catamaran through High Point Yachting.
  • Enter as crew, we’ll help with finding the right team for you.
  • Enter as the owner, using your own catamaran – The entry fee for the owners is Euros 120 per person on board (with a minimum entry fee per catamaran at Euros 600)

The charter fleet will consists of 42ft – 45ft catamarans. Please view the current fleet list: ‘Catamarans for HPYF 2020 Caribbean sailing event’

The base is in the Scrub Island Marina a short (5 minute) local ferry ride from the airport in Tortola (Beef Island).


  • April 2019 – Announcement of the 2020 event dates in the BVI, Caribbean, 7 – 14 March.
  • April 2019 – The fleet of catamarans has been published and the booking is open.
  • 28 September – 5 October 2019 – Mediterranean HPYF sailing event (monohulls) in Cagliari, Sardinia – MORE INFORMATION
  • Early November 2019 – recce trip in the BVI to finalise the March 2020 Itinerary
  • 7 – 14 March 2020 – 2nd HPYF catamaran sailing event in the BVI


7th March 2020 – Check-in Scrub Island Marina / Welcome Party

Day 1 (8th March) – Day 6 (13th March) – Daily sailing routes will be published shortly. We enjoyed our 2019 route very much and will be visiting some of those places again: Leverick Bay – Anegada – Jost van Dyke – Norman Island – Virgin Gorda. Our itinerary will include daily racing as well as socialising, swimming, snorkelling, diving and our favourite gourmet evenings!

Day 7, (14th March) – Morning disembarkation in the Scrub Island Marina.

BVI GIN, sponsor of HPYF Caribbean sailing event 2020!

To join us or to find out more about HPYF 2020, contact:


We came back to a very different place to the one we left before HPYF BVI … I can’t stop thinking how lucky we were to sail and enjoy a few days in the Caribbean. What a great boost of energy for us all.

I would like to thank John for bringing us the victory again! Well done team STELLA BLU! Congratulations to Martin Suter and his team on winning the second place and to Francois Abiven and his team for the third place in this year’s regatta.


Congratulations to Maarten Tromp for winning the gourmet evening prize! That meal was absolutely delicious!! We appreciate all the efforts that went into preparing it. But I would like to congratulate all other boats too. Some fantastic dishes have been produced again (including freshly caught fish by Ernst!). And including very much appreciated dessert produced by Di and the team! I love the Gourmet night!

I would like to thank the BVI Tourist Board and BVI Gin for their support and sponsorship this year. It came from a country that is still recovering from the devastation of 3 years ago, but also recognises the importance of being a good host to visitors and events.

Organising the HPYF in the BVI for a second time has allowed me to understand more how to partner with people and how to allow for our teams to make the most of the visit. It is a beautiful area that offers a significant break in the middle of the cold season for the rest of us. I will be working on shaping this event to be more versatile, fun and amazing for all the participants.

In the mean time, here is John’s Souvenir Logbook masterpiece for HPYF BVI 2020:

‘HighPoint BVI week was the perfect celebratory fling before social distancing and lockdowns spread across the globe and spoiled everything. Now we can only dream and I hope this souvenir document will keep your happy memories of the week alive...’