It is 10 years for our High Point Yacht Fest! We have decided to celebrate this milestone by going back to where we started, Gocek, Turkey. It has always been one of the favourite sailing grounds for all of us and we have always had a tremendous support from our local partners and friends.

This year, we have chosen a route that will take us outside the Bay of Fethiye for the first time and we will explore Kalkan some 30 miles to the south east. Starting from Göcek, our itinerary will be Cold Water Bay, Kalkan, Gemiler, Fethiye, 22 Fathom Cove then back to Göcek. We will race during the days and overnight in those charming bays and ports. Our Gourmet Roux night will take place on the Thursday of the week. It is always a highlight of the event. As always, there is a lot to look forward to!

Registered skippers:
John Hall Hall – Bavaria 51 Cruiser ‘MANGO’ (RABBIT BOAT)
Dave Brewster – Bavaria 50 Cruiser ‘ABSOLUT’ (HPYF 2017 WINNERS!)
Steven Visser – Jeanneau 53 ‘JASSIE A’
Jakalyn James – Bavaria 46 Cruiser ‘BOSSA NOVA’
Philip Young – Bavaria 46 Cruiser ‘IRIS’
Denis O’Brien – Bavaria 46 Cruiser ‘LAVANTA’
Carolyn Krijsne Locker – Bavaria 46 Cruiser ‘FELICITAS’
John Yates – Bavaria 45 Cruiser ‘AKILES
Colin Ford – Bavaria 45 Cruiser ‘JOANNA’

Important dates:
10/10/2017 Destination announcement – GOCEK, BAY OF FETHIYE, TURKEY
15/10/2017 Eentry list open
January 2018 – HPYF reunion in London
22/09/2018 – 29/09/2018 – HPYF 2018, Gocek – Gocek

Day 1, Saturday – Check-in and Welcome Party at Del-Marine (Oz’s place) from 19.30h
Day 2, Sunday – First day sailing, Gocek – Cold Water Bay
Day 3, Monday – Cold Water Bay – Kalkan
Day 4, Tuesday – Kalkan – Gemiler Island
Day 5, Wednesday – Gemiler Island – Fethiye (supply for Gourmet Night!)
Day 6, Thursday – Fethiye – Anchorage (for Gourmet Night)
Day 7, Friday – Anchorage – Gocek for check-out and Prizegiving event
Day 8, Saturday – Morning disembarkation

NOTE for all of you who love sailing, socialising and beautiful destinations: Our winter edition of HPYF event is taking place in the Caribbean, 2 – 9 March 2019. Come and join us in the beautiful British Virgin Islands. Here is some more information for you:

HPYF in the Caribbean

We shall look back to HPYF 2018 with special fondness! It was a fantastic event, the best celebration of our 10 year anniversary … 10 years of friendship, sailing and fun!

Skipper DENIS O’BRIEN said: 

Thanks again for going beyond……

We really appreciate the work that Sasha does on top of everything else she does by taking and organising photos. It’s like she’s non stop thinking of ways to enhance our holiday.
We were very happy with the mooring arrangements on all nights. The boats were largely moored together and the plan to go to Kalkan was an excellent one and worth the few hours motoring.
All the places were very good in our view.  We didn’t have the local engagement that we had in Vis last year but we only missed it because Vis was so memorable.
Race times and instructions. 

Very good responses to the variable wind conditions in terms of course selection. Excellent, reasoned response to the chaos of the ‘missing cardinal’ race. Communicating the course change sometimes had imprecise references to triangular islands, duckbills and headlands. For a place like Fethiye bay I think that it would be beneficial and achievable to identify a number of way points that could be used day after day.  Ie today’s course is along the following waypoints…..1, 8, 6, 3 etc.
Great bop on the closing night.  Same venue as the meal and good music selection for the age group.
Good selection of similar relatively clean boats made for some excellent racing.
Last year we described Croatia as efficient but less charming than on previous visits. The behaviour we experienced in Fethiye bay and Kalkan was so much warmer and, frankly, honest in comparison and encouraged us to request that Gocek/ Turkey be included at a higher frequency (perhaps every third year) than Trogir/ Croatia.