Welcome to Athens and the gorgeous sun-drenched historical Saronic and Argolic Gulfs which was chosen last year by majority vote of our participants. We hope you will enjoy the ambitious route we have chosen to get to Epidavros and Nafplio (sometimes spelt the ancient way, “Navplion”), both with superb sightseeing opportunities but both involving at least a couple of hours of motoring. There are two alternative routes just in case the weather is unkind.

The event will be held in the week 12/09/15 – 19/09/15 starting and finishing in Alimos Marina, Athens. We will have total 10 boats in the fleet. There will be four organized parties during the HPYF week:
– Welcome party on Saturday night at the Kitchen Bar in Alimos Marina.
– Greek Night on Wednesday at the local Platanos Taverna in Poros. We are looking forward to the local food and music.
– Our always popular Roux-Gourmet night on Thursday. Can’t wait for another feast of excellent dishes and of course, for Tori’s delicious mousse.
– Prize-giving will be on Friday night at the Kitchen Bar in Alimos Marina.

Since 2007 Sasha and John have been working together organising the annual HPYF events, and they each contribute what they are best at. Sasha sources the yachts and deals with the charter companies, organises the Welcome and Prize Giving events and takes care of land transfers, advice/information on day to day plans. John is responsible for creating the Logbook, for planning daily courses and acting as Race Officer for the week. John also calculates (informed guess) the handicap. Our right hand man is Dave who has been with us from the start, patiently helping with on-the-ground arrangements.

Our special thanks this year go to Nomicos Yachting who have provided an amazing fleet for us and been most helpful with providing useful information and helping with arrangements. We would also like to thank the Kitchen Bar for their warm welcome and a great organisation.

Bavaria Cruiser 41, Skipper: Dave Brewster
Bavaria Cruiser 40, Skipper: Denis O’Brien
Bavaria Cruiser 46, Skipper: Keith Hale
Bavaria Cruiser 46, Skipper: Carolyn Krijsne Locker
Bavaria Cruiser 45, Skipper: Colin Ford (replaced by Nigel Bradley)
Bavaria Cruiser 50, Skipper: Steven Visser
Bavaria Cruiser 50, Skipper: Martin Suter
Bavaria Cruiser 50, Skipper: Philip Young
Bavaria Cruiser 50, Skipper: David Barlow
Bavaria Cruiser 51, Skipper: John Hall Hall