I would like to thank David Boocock, ECC 2011 Commodore,  and his team for choosing Adriatic Holidays again for the organization of what I know will be another memorable ECC event, this time in Marmaris, Turkey. I very much look forward to seeing everyone again and meeting all the participants I have not met before.

The 18th Engineering Challenge Cup (ECC) will be held between Orhanye and Marmaris, 7th – 14th May 2011. There will be 62 boats competing and a support fleet of three boats (two catamarans and a RIB). We have teamed up with Sunsail and Moorings to provide as equal fleet as possible and even better support in Turkey. We will also, for the firts time in the ECC history, visit two countries in the same week – Turkey and Greece (island Symi).

10/10/10 – 17/10/10 – We spent a week in Turkey on the recce trip for ECC 2011. We sailed from Orhanye to Marmaris, visiting Daca, Bozborun, Symi, Bozukkale, Ciftlik and Marmaris. The trips was a great success and we are confident that the ECC 2011 will be a fantastic event – Photos from the ECC 2011 recce trip.

November 2010 – We have started the booking procedure, allocation of 58 boats to the skippers and their crews – Boat Selection.

In the next few months we worked on organizing the events for each evening. Please see some more information about the route: ECC 2011 route

Orhaniye (Welcome Party at hte Mistral Restaurant) – Bozborun (dinner and a band organized on the open area by the local community) – Symi for two nights (AVEVA nights organized in cooperation with the Mayor of Symi, location: town square) – Bozukkale (anchorage) – Ciftlik (Scottish and Dutch night) – Marmaris (Prize Giving Party)

April 2011 – ECC 2011 LOGBOOK has been published – LOGBOOK

2nd May – 6th May 2011 – The team is already in Turkey doing last minute preparations and enjoying some peace and quiet in beautiful Orhaniye before 360 participants start arriving on the 6th May.

7th May – 14th May 2011 – It has been one of the best ECC events! The organization was smooth, the boats were great, the team work was inspiring and the itinerary offered so much to the participants. From calming Orhaniye, to Symi, charming and beautiful Greek island, Bozukkale anchorage (with no road access), Ciftlik anchorage for the Dutch and Scotish night (Fritz showed us first set of his fantastic photos), with the finish in lively Marmaris with a fantastic Prize giving party at the Backstreet club!

Sasha King of Adriatic Holidays said: ‘…  Congratulations to the new Commodore Kay Heinrichs and his team for a great victory! Wonderful performance and a great spirit! I hope the year of organization is fun and great success for you guys. I thoroughly enjoyed yet another ECC event in Turkey and was so pleased to see all the familiar faces again and meet the new participants too… I would like to thank all the participants for their cooperation throughout the year, their ongoing support, particularly during the ECC week. It was very rewarding for us organizers…. I would like to thank David Boocock and his team for a great cooperation with Adriatic Holidays team throughout the year. It was crucial in creating another successful ECC event.
My special thanks go to the support team without whom this event wouldn’t have been such  great success:
–         Alen Kustic, our Race Officer – Having Alen on board made the racing very exciting, and very well organized. It was a great pleasure to work with a friend, professional and Croatian too!
–         Mustafa Gencaslan, our Referee, whose fantastic knowledge of the area and a great spirit were invaluable.
–         Bulent of Blues Yachting in Gocek who played the most important role in getting the licence for the Marmaris Race on the last day. Bulent also made sure that all the props and administration equipment for running the ECC week were provided.
–         Fritz for another set of fantastic photographs.
–         Sunsail guys who were a great technical and logistical support throughout the week.
–         But above all, I would like to thank Inci of Sailvation who inputted an extraordinary amount of energy and time throughout the year to make this event a great success. Fantastic spirit and great devotion.
I do hope to see you all again soon and I wish you a very successful year ahead…’


Jan Bonset, The Firm, Boat 3
Sasha, We did not get to say goodbye in Marmaris. I wish to thank you for an excellently organized ECC. Hope to meet you before the next ECC. Take care, Jan Bonset

ECC Admiral, John Hall Hall, Boat 5
Guys and guyesses,
What a fantastic week.  Thanks so much for all your hard work to make it all happen so enjoyably and we certainly enjoyed it all to the full on Boat 5.  The boat was great and, but for a few unforgivable skipper errors, we should have won the Commodore’s Cup.  Alen did a great job of choosing perfect courses with lots of up-wind stuff.  Every evening was so different and always something going on to enjoy.  Not sure which of you gods was in charge of the weather, but whoever it was did a good job there too.  Prize-giving was a great venue even though the music was not my first choice!  The buffet was the best ECC one yet, I think. Look forward to seeing you all again soon, and a special thanks to Mustafa for an afternoon on his new racing rocket machine!! Love to all, John

Gerold Weitzel, Boat 10
Dear Sasha,
Thanks for excellent organisation last week at the ECC. Have here 2 pix from you, particularly the one from the Hawaii party looks pretty cool.
Hope, you like them. Until next time, Gerold Weitzel

Dave Miller, Boat 73
Thanks for everything, we (all of boat 73) thought the event was fantastic, one of the best we have been to.  I’m sure everything didn’t run smoothly for you, but from a participants point of view none of that was visible, a sure sign of great organisation and a fantastic supporting team.
In particular I thought the exit entry procedure between Turkey and Greece was managed very well and didn’t interfere with the sailing one bit, although I’m sure you and Inci had some very long and tiring days….
Thanks again.
Dave & Crew
Boat 73