The first Oyster World Rally took place in 2013/14. The event was exclusively organized for the owners and it was a huge success. We are delighted to announce that preparations for the second World Rally have begun.

Oyster World Rally 2017-19 will start in Antigua in January 2017. Entries are invited by Spring 2016.
The event will be fully supported over the entire course of its 27,000 miles. It will take place over 15-27 months, in four linked stages, taking in more of the Pacific and Asian islands, and New Zealand and Australia too.
The division into stages allows participants to limit their participation to certain stages if they wish, while the others will be circumnavigating the globe.
Part 1 – The Pacific Rally, the Caribbean to Galapagos via the Panama Canal, and on to the Marquesas and Fiji, ending in Auckland.
Part 2 – The Antipodean Cruise, New Zealand and Australia
Part 3 – The Asian Rally, ending in Bali and enjoying the safe southern waters of Papua New Guinea and the Indonesian isles after perhaps a passage back out into the Pacific and the Solomon Islands.
Then Part 4 – The Passage Home, via Cocos Keeling and Cape Town for Christmas 2018 before arrival back in Antigua in April 2019.
Every stage of the event is supported by an excellent Oyster team. They will be waiting on your arrival at each stage, organizing docking, provisioning, checking in and out and helping with maintenance, spares and anything else you might need.

Contact us if you would like to be part of this (for most of us) one-in-a-lifetime event.