As our Logbook says: ‘It was so great last year that everyone wanted to come back for 2011 so here we are…’ Indeed, HYF 2010 was a huge success. We enjoyed the area, the boats were great, the food was delicious and sailing was exciting! In 2011 we came back with 9 boats.

WEEK 17 – 24 September – We sailed to Bonifacio where we stayed a couple of days due to strong Mistral. La Maddalena town and the archipelago were our locations for mid week. Our Gourmet Night was in Tavolara anchorage in a superb setting, with all nine boats rafted up.


Carolyn Krijsne Locker (Winner 2010) – Sun Odyssey 45 PATTY
Duncan McPhee – Cyclades 50.5 JOSEFINA
Colin Ford – Oceanis 411 JULIETA
John Hall Hall – Bavaria 46 Cruiser NIAL
Martin Suter – Bavaria 46 Cruiser ALYA
John Coggin – Bavaria 50 Cruiser YED
Vimos Thomazy – Cyclades 50.5 VALERIA
Philip Young – Bavaria 50 Cruiser DRACO
Dave Brewster – Bavaria 43 Cruiser RHEA

Please view our Logbook for more information about the week: the HPYF 2011 LOGBOOK

Please view: Copy of Results 2011 Overall

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