Our 9th High Point Yacht Fest took place in Sardinia, out of Portisco. For some of us this was a return to a well known area that we all enjoyed a lot back in 2010 and 2011. We were a fleet of 12 this time:

Bavaria 43 Cruiser – Skipper: Jakaly James
Bavaria 45 Cruiser – Skipper: Dave Brewster
Bavaria 46 Cruiser – Skipper: Denis O’Brien
Bavaria 46 Cruiser – Skipper: Keith Hale
Bavaria 46 Cruiser – Skipper: Vilmos Thomazy
Dufour 460 – Skipper: Colin Ford
Dufour 460 – Skipper: Carolyn Krijsne Locker
Sun Odyssey 509 – Skipper: Martin Suter
Bavaria 51 Cruiser (Rabbit Boat) – Skipper: John Hall Hall
Bavaria 51 Cruiser – Skipper: Philip Young
Oyster 56 (owner participating) – Skipper: David Barlow
Replacement boat – Lagoon 440 – Skipper: Steven Visser

WELCOME PARTY took place at the Matt’s Restaurant in Portisco.

18/09/16 – Portisco – La Maddalena Town
19/09/16 – La Maddalena – St Amanza anchorage, Corsica
20/09/16 – St Amanza – Bonifacio
21/09/16 – Lay day due to strong winds
22/09/16 – Bonifacio – Porto Palma Bay (Gourmet Roux Night)
23/09/16 – Porto Palma – Portisco – PRIZE GIVING PARTY at ‘Su Cubone’ Restaurant (Family run restaurant offering delicious home made Sardinian specialities!)

It was great to see everyone again and to meet the newbies too. The area is beautiful and we enjoyed our time in La Maddalena, Bonifacio and three beautiful anchorages. There was plenty of wind too! So much that we had to pause for a day to get our hair sorted again… But we therefore spent a full day in Bonifacio which was a treat.
Our Roux Gourmet night on Thursday was another great success with some superb dishes, fun performances and, of course, a much awaited dance on the catamaran ….

Congratulations to JOHN HALL HALL and his winning team on a superb victory! Bavaria 51 sailed beautifully…

Thank you everyone for making this event a real HIGH POINT!!